Chelsea and Denny

how we met

Denny and I met in St. Augustine, Florida, where we worked together!

how they asked

I think it was spur of the moment for him! It was a Friday afternoon, I get off at noon on Friday’s, I had just gotten home and Denny mentioned going somewhere for dinner. Cellar 6 in St. Augustine to be exact (this is also where we had our first date), it was January 25th, and we usually only go once a year for our anniversary in May. But I didn’t think anything of it because they have delicious food and I love going there anytime! We went to dinner, right after we ordered our food he got down on one knee. I was completely shocked, everyone in the restaurant was clapping. It was the best day of my life.

Special Thanks

Shelbi Ann Imagery
 | Photography
Washington Oaks Gardens State Park
 | Location