Chelsea and Connor

How We Met

Chelsea – We met in a parking lot. May 30th, 2013. I was going to a Luke Bryan concert at CMAC in Canandaigua, NY with my family, cousins & parent’s best friends. We pulled into the VIP parking lot – having VIP tickets, we figured that it made total sense. With the VIP tickets came VIP packages with lanyards. Being our first go at this fancy, shmancy ticket thing – we assumed that we needed the lanyards in order to enter the show.

My family & I called over a valet attendant who was running the lot. The attendant who came over could not answer our questions as to where to pick up these VIP packages, so that is when he radioed for ‘the owner’ – enter: Connor.

Connor looked young. Very young. ‘He’s the owner??’ I thought, as his shaved, 23-year-old smiling babyface approached us. Since I purchased the tickets, I figured I should take the lead.

I forgot to mention this – my family, my cousins, my parent’s best friends – we are a ROWDY bunch. Add some beer & country music to that mix & well, we’re a show in itself!

I forgot to mention this, too – I was dating someone else at the time. And, he was there, with us all. The day after we met Connor pulled me up on Facebook. His younger sister walked into the room and he said, “Madison, this girl right here, I met her last night. I’m going to marry her.”

So as I’m taking the lead of our group, talking to manager Connor about the tickets, up walks the guy I was seeing. I tell him, “This is the owner, Connor! He’s helping us out.” To which he responds, “He ain’t the owner.”

Connor – I got the radio call and knew exactly what it was. Here we go again, another one of these VIP customers not reading their tickets for the appropriate lot to park.

I distinctly remember walking up and having quite a sizable crew of rowdy country fans giving me the, “Ohhhhh here comes the Boss!” intro.

Before I could get up to the crowd, a young woman came over and met me halfway. She had a LOT to say. I don’t really remember what she was saying because at some point in her questioning she took her sunglasses off and put them on top of her head. Enter – the green eyes that got me.

I stopped listening at that point and just started thinking, ‘what do I need to do, to make this woman happy and for her to remember my name? OH! I got it! Call for the car, and have your employee drive her over to get her packages. Give her your business card and encourage her to include you in her complaint to the VIP company. Done and DONE.’

About 20 minutes later, the plan was already in action. I received a ‘thank-you’ text message from Chelsea for the help, with one more additional request, “Can you move the mile of traffic in front of me so I can make it to the VIP show?” I had no chance there, but the door was open, I had her name and her number.

how they asked

Connor is a video producer. He told me the last week of October, that he had volunteered me for a last-minute photoshoot for a local magazine that is one of his clients the next Tuesday. I didn’t think anything of it, because he has volunteered me for shoots and videos in the past.

Connor told me it was three locations and three scenarios, and to have several outfits prepared for the shoot: athletic, casual, and dressy. He sent me a wardrobe board, and had me send him pictures of myself in the outfits to ‘make sure the clients approved.’

I then drove out to Cumming Nature Center in beautiful Naples, NY. Connor met me in the parking lot, and helped me carry in my nicely pressed 7-outfits. He said that at the last second, the client wanted some male options, so he had to run out and buy a new coat and sweater for the shoot, too. The dressy shoot would be first, so he and the photographer picked out of my outfit, I changed into that and we all went into the woods to shoot at the first location.

They took several individual shots of me in different scenes in the woods. They then said that we had a ‘walking away shot’ that they needed to get.

Connor and the photographers positioned me in the middle of a pine needle-blanketed trail, in a sea of tall red pines. The photographer made a comment that a piece of my hair was out of place, and Connor volunteered to fix it.

After a few minor adjustments and approval from the photographer, Connor walked away and I turned my back to the camera.

Moments later Connor objects and says, “Wait one more thing!” I hear him walk up and I feel him grab my hand. He turns me towards the cameras, and bends down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Cumming Nature Center

He barely got the first sentence out before I said “YES!”


Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cumming Nature Center

The perfect day.

The perfect cover.

The perfect man.

The perfect proposal!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Shad Froman
 | Videographer
Mary Camblin-Dandino
 | Photographer