Chelsea and Collin

How We Met

We met almost 6 years ago, at a cheerleading competition that I had gone to to watch a mutual friend cheer. After the competition, my friend introduced me and Chelsea. Once I had laid eyes on her, I knew this girl was special. From that moment on, we spent every weekend together, and even attended the same state university in Plattsburgh, NY.

how they asked

Almost 11 years ago I moved from Brooklyn, NY to upstate. Everything changed for me and I thought nothing will ever be the same, fortunately, I was right. About 4.5 years of living upstate I had gone to watch a friends cheerleading competition at a nearby high-school. There I met Chelsea through a mutual friend. We’ve been together ever since. This past October, I had a long weekend off from the fire academy so I had brought Chelsea on her first ever visit to Brooklyn. I showed her around the neighborhood, showing her all the most important spots in my life. I had showed her shown her the apartment my parents first took me home to as a baby, my elementary school, up to “the ave” where me and my closest friends hung out at, and finally finishing the “tour” off where the moving truck left almost 11 years ago which led me to my greatest discovery. If I had not left that very spot 11 years ago, I would not have me the love of my life.

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