Chelsea and Collin

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How We Met

Collin and I initially met at a bowling alley in Myrtle Beach, through mutual friends. We were just acquaintances for about a year. Collin ended up moving to Dallas, Texas after he graduated college. A little while after Collin had moved he reached out to me through Facebook. (Romantic right?) He told me was visiting Myrtle for a friend’s wedding and wanted to meet up for a drink if I was up for it. I agreed! Within that month before his trip to Myrtle, we instantly clicked. We talked every day and FaceTimed as much as possible. When the time came for Collin to come to Myrtle, we decided to spend the whole weekend together (including the wedding) instead of just going out for a drink. Mind you, this wedding was technically our second date, but we had a blast! We began dating long distance and after five long months I made the adventurous decision to join Collin in Dallas. The rest is history!

how they asked

We had taken a trip to Chagrin Falls about a month ago and knew we had to go back because of how beautiful the scenery was. Collin’s sister asked if we would want to take a trip there again to take more pictures, which I was all for! To me, it was just another day with another adventure, but little did I know what was in store for when we arrived. We walked down the steps onto the bridge beside the waterfall and saw Collin’s parents and sister and brother-in-law. We chit-chatted a moment, took a couple of pictures, and climbed our way down to the rocks in front of the falls. Collin’s sister and brother-in-law posed for a photo so I asked Collin if he wanted to take one next. He agreed and we made our way for the rocks directly in front of the falls.

We hugged each other tightly so we wouldn’t slip on the slanted rocks and smiled for the camera (which turned out to be four cameras.) I wondered why this picture was so important as we smiled at his family. I felt Collin’s hand leave my waist and he shifted around next to me. I turned towards him and saw him on one knee!

Collin lives for jokes and loves to use sarcasm any way that he can, but in that moment he became completely serious. He told me how every day that we’ve been together has made him so incredibly happy and that he would love to continue spending everyday with me. He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I, of course, said yes!

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We shared a sweet kiss and Collin surprised me yet again. He told me both my mom and my dad, who live in Florida, were on FaceTime and watched the whole proposal! I could not believe what I was hearing! Collin’s parents handed the phones over and sure enough I saw my mom and dad looking back at me. I immediately broke down in more tears when I saw my dad with tears streaming down his face. I spoke with both my mom and dad during those precious moments and could not have felt any more loved. It truly was a day that I’ll never forget.