Chelsea and Colin

How we met: Colin and I met working together at Barnes & Noble in College Station, TX while I was in college in 2008. I introduced myself, shoved magazines in his hand, and said “here put these up” and he was smitten immediately. I finally said yes to a date 8 months later and we were inseperable after that. We have since moved in together and then taken the even bigger step of moving to NYC to pursue our individual dreams together, Colin of being an actor and working in publishing for me.

Image 1 of Chelsea and Colin

how they asked: My parents live in Abu Dhabi and we finally got to fly over this March to visit them with my sister. After spending the night in Abu Dhabi we all took a road trip to Dubai. After seeing the sights for a few days we decided to head to the Dubai Mall (which is huge, it has a multi story waterfall, an Aquarium, and a dinosaur, it’s also attached to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world). We made a detour to The Palace Hotel which is right outside the mall and we walked over to see the fountains and get some pictures with the Burj Khalifa in the background. Colin was acting nervous, hid his hand behind his back and kept asking my sister to take our picture. By that time I had a bit of an idea. He told me I was his best friend and while I don’t remember much after that I do know he got down on one knee and proposed with the most perfect ring and he had even gotten me a Mrs. Box. It was the perfect proposal and it will always be a great fun international story to tell people!

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