Chelsea and Cody

how we met

The beginning of our love story started during spring break at Atlantic Beach, NC in 2011. Our friends brang the two of us together for the very first time in the familiar beach town just two hours away from our hometown. We mutually remember thinking one another was cute and had that special spark we’d both been searching for. Cody remembers me with the curliest hair -thanks to our NC humidity & beach air. Our story was put on hold then as we went our separate ways and did not even exchange phone numbers! Fast forward two years later almost to the exact date in 2013. Cody reached out to me via social media! I can remember getting the notification and being so excited to have a message from this cute guy who knew I remembered from somewhere. Then to reconnect Cody finally asked me out on our first date, to keep things casual we went out for ice cream at our local Dairy Queen ( he must’ve known then sweets were the way to my heart). Every night after that we spent every moment we could together falling more in love. A little over a moth later we made things official.

how they asked

About 6 months shy of our 6th year anniversary of dating we planned a trip to the Biltmore Estate in the NC mountains. Somewhere I had begged Cody to take me for our entire relationship. We set off on a rainy Friday morning for our trip. That night we went to the Christmas candlelight tour of Biltmore house, while it poured down rain outside we toured the beautifully lit house with all of it’s Christmas trees and decorations. Doesn’t get much more romantic. The next day we had passes to tour the outside grounds of Biltmore. While it rained almost the entire day, it just so happened to stop for about an hour or so. Just long enough for us to take a walk around the bass pond lake on the estate grounds. As most of you who have been to Biltmore know walking around this property is exhausting. We decided to take a relaxing moment and sit in this little hidden boat house by the lake. After resting for a bit and talking we got up to leave…at that moment on December 1st, 2018 my boyfriend of almost 6 years got down on one knee and & asked me to marry him & of-course I said YES! From the start of our relationship on the coast of North Carolina to the beginning of the next chapter of our lives in the mountains of North Carolina the perfect proposal happened! It was all a complete surprise but being with Cody for so long and him being so nervous throughout the whole weekend I had a feeling something was up ;)

Special Thanks

Brynn Gross Photo
 | Photography