Chelsea and Christopher | Las Vegas Proposal


How We Met: I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Christopher was in town partying with friends from Omaha, Nebraska. I was working at the Hardrock promoting a fight and walked up to him and his friends to get them to come. He asked for my number after about 2 seconds and I told him I was a fighter and if he wanted to see me again he had to come to the fight(I thought he was totally adorable but couldn’t make it that easy!) The next night I ran into him and his friends AGAIN, which never happens, and we talked for about two hours and got to know each other. Again, I told him I wouldn’t give him my number unless he came to the fight. The next night he was sitting in the audience at the fight with all his friends and was surprised to see that I was the ring girl, not the fighter. We hung out for the next two days straight and then he went back home to Nebraska. I never thought I was going to see him again. After hours on the phone and $500 phone bills I moved to Nebraska to be with him two months later. What can I say, when you know you know!

how they asked: My mom called me one night all kinds of excited. She told me that she had WON a free “night in Vegas” and she wasn’t going to be able to make it and wanted to give it to Christopher and I. Not thinking anything of it I asked him if he wanted to go. A few weeks later once we got to my moms she showed us this letter that she “got in the mail” from the company that she won this from. It had a list of events for the night and at the bottom of the letter it was signed by a woman named Olive Yew (I love you.) Not thinking anything of it the limo came and picked Christopher and I up. It took us to the place that we went on our first date. We then went to the exact spot that we had met at the Hardrock. Then we got back into the limo and it took us to the largest observation wheel in the world. We walked into the pod and all of our family and friends were in there. Once the wheel got to the top overlooking all of Las Vegas, where our whole relationship started, he got on one knee in front of everyone we love and proposed. He was so nervous he was holding the ring box upside down, it was adorable! He made up that we “won a night in Vegas” and made the fake letter saying what we won, we really didn’t win anything! We are always surprising each other!


Engagement photos by Claudette Linzey