Chelsea and Cass

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How We Met

Cass and I met at university which I’m sure is a very common place for most engaged couples to meet but our story was a bit different… We actually placed for the men’s and women’s hockey teams at the university of lethbridge. I was in my second year of university when he started his first and both hockey teams partied together a lot! The funny thing is we lived one block away, partied together all the time and never once spoke to each other. To be honest I had no clue who he was! In his second year he ended up moving into a hockey guys house which was owned by my twin sisters boyfriend and I would go over all the time but still we never spoke! Near the end of the year I was going through a rough path with my boyfriend of six years so I ended up sleeping on my sister couch a lot, and that’s when we first got to know each other.

He was in a relationship for six years too which made it really easy to relate. He would stay up talking with me till 3 am trying to help me work out my issues with the relationship and would get up early to make me breakfast. My boyfriend and I ended broke up at the end of the school year. Around the same time Cass and I both went home for the summer. I saw him once the whole summer and still could not get him out of my head, but he was with his girlfriend so I couldn’t say or do anything. When we came back in September his relationship had ended and we instantly knew there was something between us… Little did we know what it would turn into!

how they asked

I had seen proposal all over the internet and although the over the top proposals (like at the Eiffel Tower) are stunning, that just wasn’t me. I had told Cass that I wanted to get engaged doing something we both loved doing. Cass’ older brother proposed to his wife on their family farm while hunting and I loved that it was not only something they liked doing together but it was really personal. In the fall of 2015 I was finishing my last semester of university and my little cousin had moved in with Cass and little did I know but the planning of the proposal started months before it happened.

He had asked my cousin to help pick out a ring that I would love so of course she went on my Pinterest and found everything I wanted. Christmas season came around and Cass and I were spending the entire holidays together for the first time. On Boxing Day we were out at his farm and Cass had suggested we all go skating hockey on the pond which we love doing especially during Christmas. So even though it was FREEZING the whole family all layered up and headed out to go play some 3 on 3. It had snowed the day before so it was nearly impossible to skate and my feet were numb 5 minutes into the game but Cass and I are super competitive so that didn’t stop us! We decided to end the game when one team hit 5 goals and of course his team won, which I was bitter about so I went over to take off my skates off.

Just as I got over to pug my boots on I heard him call my name. I turned around and immediately started tearing up. He was down on one knee in the middle of the pond with something in his hand. I skated/walked over to him and he asked me to marry him.

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I managed to get the word yes out as I was choking back tears. I jumped to hug him before I could even get a glimpse of the ring. When I caught my breath he ended up putting the most perfect ring on my finger. I couldn’t have picked a better place (on his farm and keeping with family tradition) and doing the thing Cass and I loved most!

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