Chelsea and Cam

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How We Met

Cam and I grew up together knowing of each other but not actually talking. We went to the same church our whole lives but some how our social circles never meshed (thankfully avoiding each other’s awkward years!) One day after (I starred him down playing drums on the stage) after church, he messaged me on facebook. We casually struck up conversation and even figured out our families would be at the beach the same time in a few weeks (literally less than a mile apart) so we decided to meet up. Vacation time came and Cam chickened out. After coming back home, he still messaged me and asked if I’d like to go to the movies. I say yes, not knowing still if he saw me as a friend or more. So that day came and I went rafting with the youth group girls at my church. On the way home, i tell the girls about my not so sure “date.” They are all curious too so they devise a code for if he pays for my movie ticket, it’s a date and I was to post “the cow jumped over the moon” on Facebook immediately. We get stuck in a ton of Atlanta traffic and I get home later than expected. I almost cancelled because I didn’t have time for a shower after rafting all day (yuck I know!) But I throw on some casual clothes and go. We were a little late but he waited for me (and paid). Status was posted! After the movie we walked out to our cars and talked for hours (until 3am) in the parking lot. For me being an introvert, I knew he was special right then and it all started from there!

how they asked

According to Chelsea…. December 13, 2014 I woke up next to my little sister ready to take on the big day…college graduation. My family had arrived the night before and more was coming that day. I changed outfits only 6 times! After walking across the stage (and NOT tripping) I was so ready to eat. We took the usual ‘I just graduated pictures’ then departed for lunch. After lunch and cake, The Evans told me they had to leave to get back for something at the church (I was sad that Cam wasn’t staying another night with my family but understood). We hugged goodbye and said our “see you soon” because I was coming home for good. After lunch my mom says she wants to get more pictures next to the logo outside the PE Complex. At this point I’m full and not feeling picture perfect but I humor her. We show up to the PE Complex right when the 4pm graduation was getting out and a rush of people started to exit. I immediately say never mind we need to go take pictures in front of the fountain instead or something. We run back by my apartment first where I begged my mom to change into comfy clothes for pictures but she insisted I stay in my dress. Just as we are walking out from the apartment and getting into separate cars to drive to the front of campus, she hands me an envelope with my name on it. I asked if it was from my grandma and she says no its from Cam. Immediately my thoughts are, “why didn’t he give me this himself? what’s going on?” The note said, “did you really think I would leave you today? Here’s an idea…Come meet me at the fountain with the lights by yourself. I have a surprise date waiting :) Love, Cam”

I probably looked like a zombie getting in my car and driving because I was staring straight and didn’t know what to think. By this time I know something is up but not proposal because Cam does sweet things all the time. When I got there I saw Cam and parked. I realized he had changed into a sweater (mainly because I got it for him last Christmas). We walked over to the fountain and I see that it’s not on…awkward..jk but for real. I then proceed to show him where Kali (my bff and roommate) and I carved our name into a palm tree sophomore year. I walked all around this tree looking (not realizing at the time that my sister was RIGHT there next to the tree and had to dive into the bush). Cam then takes me to go back over to the fountain when he nervously tells me the real reason he asked me to meet him there (I’m totally shaking at this point because I just got my degree and I’m a pretty smart girl to know what’s next ;) ). He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. *Crying* I say YES and man was my hand shaking when he put my BEAUTIFUL ring on my finger. A few minutes later my family, his family and my best friend come walking up ending my perfect proposal!

According to Cam….. I, contrary to Chelsea, had known the date I was going to propose to her for at least 3 months. Back in August of 2014, I began working two jobs and all the overtime I could manage at the airport just to be able to save up for the perfect ring for my perfect person in my life. I bought the ring on Black Friday, about 2 weeks before her graduation on 12-13-14. During those 3 months I made it a point to not give away any secrets or hints of the what/when/where’s of my plans. I can proudly say that I accomplished that! Two nights before I was set to drive down to VSU to watch her graduate and propose to her, I set up a time to go talk to her parents in order to receive their blessing. This was the part I was most nervous about! Me and Chelsea’s father have a great relationship but we tend to joke around and not have any “serious” conversation. So I arrived at her parent’s house and sat down to have “the talk” with her dad. After receiving both her father and her mother’s blessing and approval of me asking their daughter to marry her, it was finally beginning to feel real.

The day of her graduation/me proposing was extremely stressful. I am an extremely set-in-stone planner so I was praying that my devious plan to propose to Chelsea all while her not knowing would play its self out how I imagined it in my head. Much to my surprise, it did! After the graduation ceremony and pictures we decided to go out to eat (I had planned that this would happen in my head…which was an easy assumption seeing as Chelsea never turns down the thought of having mexican food for lunch). The dinner was interesting to say the least. She had no clue about anything and literally everyone else at the table knew that I had this diamond ring in my possession and was getting ready to propose in the next few hours.

After dinner, I made up a story saying that I had to leave to go back home in order to lead worship at church the next morning (which was a lie and now that I think about it…I may have to apologize to Jesus in heaven for that one day). Prior to me leaving, I had given a note to Chelsea’s mother to give to her once I said I was ready for her to come meet me. I rushed into a random parking lot and changed into nicer clothes (clothes that matched because I knew she would like that). I then proceeded to find this fountain on the front lawn that I knew I wanted it as the backdrop but I had no clue where it was. A few frantic minutes went by and I finally found it…except the glorious, beautiful fountain was turned off and was only a mere pool of water. However, it was too late to turn back at that point. Once I calmed my nerves I texted Chelsea’s mom to give her the letter that told her to meet me where I was. The few minutes that went by were probably the longest minutes of my life. Once she arrived I could tell she was nervous because she looked like a deer in headlights (I could tell her mind was racing because she is introverted and plays every situation out in her head…this in turns gave her the “deer in headlight” face as a result of this deep state of mind). Here were the thoughts going on in my head. 1: She looked amazing (as always) 2: Why was this stupid fountain not on? 3: Where was her sister? (I had asked Faith to sneak in somehow to take pictures so I had to wait to get on one knee until she was in position) 4: Which knee did I get down on? And lastly, 5: Why was the stupid fountain not on? Once I got a text saying that Faith, her sister, was there, I began shaking. I took Chelsea to the front of the “fountain” and told her the real reason why I tricked her by lying about leaving. As I got down on one knee to propose, she began to cry! My goal from the beginning was to make her cry so it made me extremely happy. Then, as random people around us were shouting and telling Chelsea to say yes, I asked her to marry me and she listened to them! After that, our families came from out of their hiding places and congratulated us on the engagement. Looking back, everything went exactly as planned (minus the whole fountain not being a fountain thing) and it was perfect!

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