Chelsea and Brian

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how they asked

My fiancé had to be sweating all semester as I finished up my last semester of graduate school, as he planned and perfected the most romantic proposal. I graduated on a Friday afternoon and spent the day with my friends and family celebrating a much-deserved degree in Higher Education. The next day was a normal day, hanging out on my apartment couch, packing up boxes before I moved away the following week, and of course, a dinner planned that evening. My fiancé, mid-afternoon, asked if we could go for a walk before dinner, then head to our restaurant for our reservation.

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I agreed but also noted how cold it was outside for the fact it was May. I was a little resistant to the walk as it got closer to our reservation, but my fiancé was persistent. We got dressed in our fancy clothes and started to walk through campus to downtown. We held hands as we walked through campus, noting the spring growth and talking about the fun times we had on the campus over the past two years. Talking about what was going to happen when I moved away in a few months to start my career. I thought it was strange that we were taking the long way through campus to downtown. All the while we were in the prettiest part of campus, the campus green. We were surrounded by trees, green, landscaping, and campus history.

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As we were approaching the center of the green, I noticed that Brian wasn’t beside me any longer. When I turned around to see where he was, he was behind me, down on one knee. He was nervous and was smiling with a little bit of scared in his voice – he says, “will you marry me?” I dropped to the ground hugged him and we kissed, and I said YES! I also immediately jumped up and turned around. We were in the center of this large space, I thought there has to be someone who saw this. Where is my family? Where is the camera? No family, no camera, just us and it was perfect.

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