Chelsea and Brendan

How We Met

I met Brendan atop this exact mountain nearly three years ago. It was fate how we met – we weren’t supposed to meet and we were each atop Grouse Mountain to hike different mountain trails from there. Somehow, the stars aligned and he overheard my conversation with a group of people and he decided to latch on and not hike alone; we have been together ever since. Over the months, we were the ultimate best friends; long walks and talks, celebratory beers and adventure planning. Canada Day 2017 I woke up at the most amazing spot in British Columbia with sunrise coming up over a mountain range; this is where I realized I was madly in love with him and that my best friend was not so gross after all. A few weeks later, I poured my heart and soul out to him under the stars on a dock out in the middle of a lake, a few Kronenburgs deep (liquid confidence). Ever since that night, we have grown stronger, grown closer, grown more in love and more committed by the minute.

How They Asked

Fast forward to July 27th, 2019… we hiked a hike we have done many times together. We wandered through the trees, overlooking the city, chatting about life and all our amazing accomplishments (I had just finished my Master’s Degree!). The top of this mountain is very special to us; not only is it where Brendan and I first got to know each other, but the two peaks in the background are also where my father disappeared in 2015. I really wanted Brendan to include my father in the proposal somehow so once I had the ring on, he made sure the announce “and look, your dad got to see the whole thing”. Brendan had also arranged that one of our mutual friends hide at the top to take these absolutely amazing photos and celebrate with us after…

Truthfully, I never ever thought I would be one to get married. I never thought I would find someone I love more than life itself. I never ever thought my best friend would turn into my soulmate and my better half. I always figured I would just busy myself with life and hang around with frogs, but every day with this man is the absolute best day of my life. This proposal could not have been more perfect, could not be more thoughtful and could not be any more representative of so many special things in one moment.

Where to Propose in Mount Strachan, Cypress Park

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