Chelsea and Austin

How We Met

Me and Austin met in seventh grade. It was the first day of school and we had the same gym class. I had known of Austin, but never really saw him, let alone talked to him. I was kind of an outcast in middle school, never really talked to anyone and had the same group of friends since elementary school. Austin however was a popular, skater boy, who just about every girl had a crush on, including me. That night I went home and sent Austin a friend request on Myspace, the next day I came back to school, the day went on, it was finally time for gym class, not that I was going to participate anyway, but I noticed him walking towards me and sort of hoped that he was not coming to talk to me, to spare myself from embarrassment of whatever was going to come out of my mouth if he said anything to me. When he got to me, he simply asked, “Are you the girl that does bike racing?” I said yes and he said how cool that was and we went about our day. As the days went on we talked more and more, eventually he became my best friend, my crush on him was very secretive, because he did have a girlfriend, who I just so happened to grow a really close relationship with, we were attached at the hip. At the end of seventh grade summer he ended up moving and him and his girlfriend broke up. Seeing as how me and his girlfriend were really close, I was the first to know that they broke up. I messaged him to comfort him and make sure he was okay. Me and Austin picked up the conversation even more after that. His ex-girlfriend was the one who set us up oddly enough, telling me she knew about my crush on him all along and she wanted us to give it a try. We would wake up really early before school to talk to each other on Myspace before hand. Eventually me and Austin made our relationship official. He then moved back to town the summer after eighth grade and the rest is history.

how they asked

Our six year anniversary was quickly approaching and we wanted to do another photo-shoot, but had no place in mind. We thought about it for a while, and he finally mentioned to me, that he would like to go to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to do, since we are both football fanatics and Florida Gator football fans, it was perfect and so different! He never gives input either on things like this so I was thrilled that he finally did! I was searching for a photographer, not knowing he had already talked to one and already had it all figured out. Our six year anniversary was July 01, 2016, and on July 02, we made our way 2 hour drive to Gainesville. We were so excited about this trip, neither of us had ever been to the Florida Gator Stadium before! When we finally arrived it was even more beautiful then we had imagined both inside and out! There was even a wedding happening on the football field when we arrived! We enjoyed out time together there, exploring, before we started taking pictures. Austin seemed a little off the entire time we were their, not in a bad way, but just a little hesitant when he said anything, but eventually we did start taking pictures! It was a blast we always have so much fun doing it! The photographer eventually asked me to change out of my t-shirt and jeans and into my dress, for the last half of the photo-shoot. We eventually got onto the football field when the photographer told me to put my back against his chest and told Austin to wrap his arms around me, I felt his heart beating honestly so hard, I didn’t know what to do and I was a little scared as to why and what was going on with him. When I turned around he was on one knee, I was in so much shock I didn’t know how to react. I gasped and I laughed and of course I said ‘yes!’

Special Thanks

Cassidy Stephenson