Chelsea and Andrew

Chelsea's Proposal in My family's Christmas party

How We Met

I met Andrew on September 8th, 2018. It was at his sister’s wedding and he was the most handsome groomsman I’d ever seen! My family had been long-time family friends with the groom’s family and that was how we’d been invited. The first time I saw Andrew was when he walked down the aisle, arm in arm with the bridesmaid. I was struck by how happy and easy he looked like he wasn’t worried or stressed about a single thing. I figured that he was the bride’s brother and decided to keep my eye on him. The wedding went on and ended with a sparkler send-off for the bride and groom. I inched my way closer to Andrew and finally met him after the happy couple made their exit. He took my finished sparkler from me and had a quick conversation. We parted ways and went home, but he was still on my mind. The next morning, he found me on social media and sent me a message asking if I’d be able to meet up with him. I did, and we began dating one month later.

Where to Propose in My family's Christmas party

How They Asked

It was the evening of my family’s annual Christmas party. They throw a huge party, complete with Christmas carols, homemade enchiladas, and a white elephant party game. I had suspected that Andrew would propose before Christmas because my entire family was leaving to Australia just before the 25th, but I was completely surprised by his proposal. He had come to my parents and sisters weeks before and asked their permission, as I later learned. When he was there asking, they concocted the most elaborate plan surrounding the white elephant game and the proposal. It worked out perfectly and just as they had planned—by the end of the night, I had a fiancé. During the party, my mom and a friend went around with a bowl full of numbers for people to pick their place in the white elephant game. I picked 64, and later found out post-engagement that I had actually picked my number from a special switched bowl entirely of number 64s, as it was important to the proposal that I went last.

The game began and continued with many opened gifts, steals, and re-steals. I was enjoying the game and the night, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. When it was my turn, there was only one gift left (a gift that my mom had hidden throughout the game and slyly pushed under the tree as my turn began) and being the last number, I chose to open the gift rather than steal. I opened the bag and after opening many boxes within and wrappings, found a tiny music box.

I looked at the bottom and saw that it played my favorite song, La vie en rose, sung by Louis Armstrong. I immediately thought ‘this is the most perfect gift for me’ and still remained in the dark about the proposal. As I turned the crank to play the music, I suddenly heard the same song played loudly over a speaker (my family had cued it perfectly) and watched as Andrew walked up to me. He gently began to dance with me and then to my complete surprise, dropped to one knee. He pulled out a little velvet black box and opened it, revealing the most gorgeous ring I’d ever seen. He asked, “will you marry me?” to which I tearfully said YES! We put the ring on my finger and embraced as our closest family and friends cheered loudly around us.

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