Chelsea and Andreu

How We Met: Andreu scrolled into my life June of 2014. And yes, I know I said “scrolled” instead of “strolled” because if it hadn’t been for Mark Zuckerberg, match maker extraordinaire, I would have never met the man of my dreams. After practically deciding to add a complete stranger, risking looking like a weirdo, waiting for thus stranger to accept, and then after the various “likes” (winks of the 21st century) and messages, we finally decided to hang out and get to know each other.

The sole purpose of this meeting was to see if there was any chance for a date in the future, because we both were the kind of people who were not about to waste each others time if there was no “spark” there. I’ll tell you what, I have never had a more memorable night than sitting in his truck in a gas station parking lot talking and laughing about absolutely nothing until 4 in the morning. As soon as we said goodbye, I called my best friend and told her “I’m going to marry that boy!” Little did I know at the time that there was far more truth behind that statement than I thought.

how they asked: Andreu has always been very keen on taking me to do/see things I’ve never done and always have wanted to do. I kind of have a mini bucket list. Well, one thing on this mini bucket list was that ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to ride a horse and carriage around Christmas time to admire the lights. Well, that Saturday started like any other day, besides the fact I was told to “wear something nice, and bring it jacket, it may be cold where we’re going.” I assumed we were attending our typical Saturday night dinner date and maybe something interesting thrown in.

Well we arrived in the beautiful little town of Forest City, NC. Christmas lights spanned the small downtown streets. I was in awe. I immediately noticed the horse drawn carriages leading passengers through the Christmas lights. Andreu noticed how concerned I was with the horses, and proceeded to tell me that, “had he had thought about it earlier he would have taken me for a carriage ride, but the lines were far too long now and we wouldn’t make it through the line before it closed at 9.”

Which was true, the line nearly spanned the entire length of downtown. He suggested we get out and walk to see the lights however, so I was pacified. We begin to walk past the hundreds of people in line for the horse and carriages, him practically dragging me because I was far too consumed with watching the carriages, I turn around only to see we have advanced to the very front of the line. Talk about VIP treatment! He is then handed two tickets and beckoned to an empty nearby carriage. I am elated!

We hop aboard the carriage and I am little girl again, taking it all in. I’ve always been a fan of Christmas lights. As our ride nears a close, Andreu grabs my hand and says, “Hey, look over there to the right, those lights are beautiful.” As soon as I turn my head, a neon pink sign rises to the line of the trees, bright enough to where it lights the entire street. The sign says, “Will You Marry Me?” I can’t explain to you the exact feeling I felt when I saw that sign and turned to see his smile and knew that it was for me.

Bride and Groom's Engagement in Forest City, NC

It was like all of time stopped. The lights stopped twinkling, the peoples chatter stopped, a moment in time was stuck. He lifted me down from the carriage and we ran across the street to the sign. It was then that I saw that my parents, grandparents, my best friends, and his family were there helping hold the sign and taking pictures! That only made it a thousand times more special! He then turned to me, got down on one knee and popped the question.


The hundreds of people in line screamed and clapped. I was on top of the world. I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect. It was my own little personal fairytale. Oh, by the way. The sign was handmade by my fiancé, he’s a graphic designer. It took months of preparation. The neon is hand blown, Oh and the pictures? The one in the very middle is the first Facebook messages we ever exchanged, and the two pictures on each side are from the first night we met! My sign hangs over my bed, and will be a large part in our wedding on October 10th!