Chelsea and Aaron

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How We Met

Our story starts in May 2012 at a work conference in Austin. We awkwardly ate breakfast in silence next to each other at a roundtable with a group of coworkers. (That’s how all romantic stories begin, right?) Later that night with some liquid courage, I finally went up to Aaron to introduce myself. At the end of the night, we went our separate ways only to learn later that we had both tried to contact each other by looking the other’s phone numbers up through work email. I texted my Mom on our first official date (at an SF Giants game) and said “I’m on a date with my future husband!”… and 5 years later I ended up being right! I just felt an immediate connection with him in a way I hadn’t felt before.

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I don’t believe in soul mates or love at first sight; love definitely grows over time but I knew immediately that he was the one I wanted to get to know and grow that love with. We are both extreme morning people (see proposal story below ). We’d much rather be in bed early to enjoy an amazing sunrise run or bike ride than stay up late. Pro tip: You can usually get into any busy restaurant without a reservation if you go at 5:30 PM! (We’re going to be GREAT senior citizens).

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how they asked

I woke up at 5:30 on a Friday morning to head to a workout class, and Aaron was gone but there was a card laying on the kitchen table that read “Are you ready for the best adventure yet?” with instructions on where to go next. For the next hour, his cards led me on a scavenger hunt to meaningful places in San Francisco (our first date, the bar of our first tequila shot together, where he told me he loved me).

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Keep in mind it’s pitch black outside so I’m literally shining my iPhone light under benches outside of these locations! Aaron writes the most thoughtful and special cards I’ve ever read so each card kept topping the last as “the best card I’ve ever received.” The last card led me to the top of Battery Spencer which is a beautiful spot overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. The sun was just starting to come up when I arrived and saw Aaron down on one knee.

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Sunrise is our favorite part of the day and we’ve seen a lot of them, but this by far was the best sunrise we’ve ever seen. After saying “yes!!!,” we went to brunch at a spot we had been wanting to try and enjoyed the moment before calling our families and friends.

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I later found out that Aaron had secretly flown from San Francisco (where we live) to Michigan for just one night to share his engagement plans with my parents. This was really special because I’m so close with my parents and I’m also super impressed that they kept it a secret from me!

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