Chelsa and Aleksi

how we met

Aleksei and I first met online (OkCupid!). We exchanged numbers and had the best conversations. He was so funny! We never met up in person though, and stopped talking after a couple weeks. Nine months later we were both in the same intramural sand volleyball league and our teams played each other in the first round of the championships. His team destroyed mine! After the official game we stayed and played for fun. He knew who I was, but I didn’t remember until later. We started texting and went on our first date within a week!

how they asked

It was a complete surprise! Aleksei was back on his second vacation from Iraq. We went for a moonlit walk on Siesta Beach, just like we had after our first date. He pointed off in the distance behind my shoulder, saying “what’s that over there?” I turned around to look and then he was down on one knee. We were both so excited that we were laughing and crying and don’t remember a word he said!

Special Thanks

Angela Moon Photography
 | Photography
Charles Ringling Mansion
 | Venue