Chellina and Brandon's Hot Air Balloon Proposal

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How We Met

I met Brandon when I was 19 years old. A friend of mine wanted to go snowboarding and she knew of a great local snowboarding shop which happened to be the shop that he owned. I walked in the door and as soon as I saw him I couldn’t stop staring! He was trying to sell me a snowboard and I couldn’t even follow what he was saying I was so in awe of him. We ended up leaving and he gave me his business card if I had any questions. After a few weeks past he found me on social media and the rest is history!

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how they asked

On our first date 5 years ago we’ve talked about how awesome it would be to go on a hot air balloon! Well a week before he proposed he mentioned to me that he needs me to have Monday off because he has tickets to a basketball game and they are awesome seats! Definitely a great reason to miss school and clinicals right?! Well the morning of February 29th came and he said he has stuff for us to do during the day, we ended up at a sky diving place in Perris! That’s when he told me we were going to ride in a hot air balloon! I was ecstatic and all I could think about is how awesome it’s going to be!

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We were a couple hundred feet in the air when the man piloting the balloon said what’s that on the ground!? I look over and had a hard time reading the sign but I slowly start making out the words “will you marry me?” I turn around and see the love of my life on one knee and I instantly burst into tears as I hear him say , “will you marry me?” I don’t even remember saying yes! The best part was when we landed and my family was around the corner to share the most incredible day of my life!

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