Chelie and Gabriel

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Arizona

How We Met

We met at community college in a class we both took together. We awkwardly sat near each other and would glance at each other every once in a while. It was pretty obvious and finally one day we said hi and it’s all history from there!

Proposal Ideas Arizona

how they asked

It was a huge surprise! Well to me of course, he explained he’d been planning it for about 2 months. We were on a vacation in California, which we do every once in a while to just get a break. We were walking on Ocean Beach in San Diego when he said he wanted someone to take a picture of us on the beach. We were actually on the far end of the beach away from others so instead I said let’s take a video and screenshot our pictures from it.

Little did I know that’s the perfect idea! So we set my phone up on a column under the pier, walked out and as I was preparing for the picture he dropped to one knee.. I cried! It was so beautiful there on the beach by the water, kind of secluded from others, it was perfect!

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