Chazz and Jaylynn

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How We Met

Chazz & I met at a trampoline park back in 2014. His brother & I worked together for a couple years. I decided it was time for something new, so I quit & his brother took my position. Opening up a spot for Chazz to work in the kitchen. Since all my friends still worked at the trampoline park, I would go back a few times a week to play games of dodgeball. The employees would take turns on who would be the referee for the games, little did I know that Chazz was watching from the side lines, being the ref for the game I was playing in. When I got out, I left the arena, only to run into Chazz. Who then asked, “Do you come here often? Cause you throw crazy good. Like a guy!” I just smiled, before a friend jumped over & exclaimed, “This is JayBird, everyone knows her!” I smiled at Chazz again, unable to say anything, then left to the drinking fountain. After our first encounter, I looked for Chazz every time I went in, unknown to me he took a trip to Lake Powell. Bummed out after a week, I finally saw him above the dodgeball arena & my heart skipped a beat. He had the most eye catching smile, I started to panic, because I’ve never been so nervous to talk to a boy. I ran up to the cashiers desk where a friend of mine was working, who was also friends of Chazz! I asked her for advice & what to do. She just looked at me & practically yelled, ” GO TALK TO HIM!” I took a deep breath & ran back to the dodgeball arena. I kept looking up, to make sure Chazz was still there. I finally jumped over to the net, & called him over. I asked why I haven’t seen him for a while & he told me about his trip. He said he would get my number later, so he could tell me when he worked next. I continued playing, worrying that he would forget to get my number! By the end of the night, I was ready to go home, I asked my friend for advice again & she flat out told me to go get his number. I finally mustered up the courage to go tell him I was leaving & handed him my phone to put his number in. He smiled & asked if I was coming tomorrow, I wasn’t planning on it, but something told me to say yes. I started to go almost every night, just to see Chazz while he was working. He started working more in the kitchen, instead of keeping watch over the trampoline, which made it harder to make conversation with him. I started to go ask him for cups of ice, to eat while I was playing dodgeball. I’ve never gone through so much ice before, but I was craving to be around him & his humor. A few weeks went by & I continued to hang around the kitchen just to talk to him. I came in one night after work to see Chazz working at the cashier counter, I immediately jumped in the line he was helping & anxiously waited. Finally, it was my turn! He rang me up & put the jumping bracelet on, I asked if he would hold on to my credit card so I wouldn’t have to leave it in the open cubbies. The night went on. I went through cup after cup of ice. Next thing I know, Chazz was gone, with my credit card! I decided to text him & remind him that he had it, I told him he could use it only if it was on something really worth it! He very smoothly replied “Like on a date with you? But I would use my card, cause the date is supposed to be on me.” A couple weeks later, he showed up at my door with flowers to take me on a surprise first date! We drove up the Spanish Fork Canyon to some hot springs! I had never been up there, but I told him I always wanted to go! The hike is about 45 minutes, so it gave us plenty of time to get to know one another! About halfway up the hike, there is a bridge, where we stopped to chat & looked at the stars. Our date continued until the early hours of the morning till he drove me home & walked me to my door. A year later, we recreated our first date. We returned to that bridge, where Chazz surprised me with a promise ring. Seeing we were both still to young to be married, he promised me we would get there someday & he would never stop loving me. I couldn’t wait for him to be my forever boyfriend.

how they asked

A few months before we became engaged, I would bombard Chazz with questions about when & how he planned to propose. I told him I would be able to figure out when he was going to do it, so he had to be really good at hiding all the plans from me. I had recently gotten a promotion that required me to transfer locations. I was stressed about work that I began to forget to ask Chazz my questions about when he planned to pop the question. I set my impatience aside & went with the flow of everyday life. About two weeks before, Chazz’s brother & sister in law invited us to go to some hot springs about an hour south of where we live. We talked about how we need to do it again & maybe even go to the hot springs up the Spanish Fork Canyon. Fast forward a week, I get a group message from Chazz’s brother suggesting that we should go to the hot springs up the canyon on the upcoming Friday. Chazz had checked my schedule & made sure I got off at a decent time to go up the canyon. It was just another ordinary day & all I could think about was getting off to go to the hot springs with friends! I usually text Chazz through out the day, but he claimed to have gone golfing with his dad. I got off work & like I always do, I gave him a call to see what the plan was. He told me we were going to get some food before hand so we need to get all our stuff to hike to the hot springs. While we were getting ready, Chazz made sure I didn’t look like a complete mess, thank goodness he knows me so well! We headed over to his brothers house, where we were waiting for one of Chazz’s close friends to get off work. I kept asking when he was coming, because I was beginning to starve! He told me he texted him & that he was caught up at work, but he was on his way. Stalling. He finally showed up & then began the daunting task of deciding where to go. We finally decided to go to Costa Vida. We piled in the car, picked up food & found a little park to eat. We hung out for a little while, chatting. I was getting anxious to head up to the hot springs, so I was trying to get a move on. Being as unaware as I am, they were all trying to stall from going up to early because it needed to be dark before we started hiking to the springs. We decided to go into the local grocery store to get some treats. The 3 boys stated they needed to use the restroom, when in reality they really just needed to figure out ways to further stall the hike! We walked around the store, for what seemed like an unusual amount of time, but I still remained clueless. Then came the time that they couldn’t stall for any longer! Out of no where, I spotted an old friend from high school that I hadn’t seen for a while. I introduced everyone & we chatted for a while. Later to find out, Chazz was relieved that we ran into them to help stall us even longer! We all climbed into the car, only to have Chazz’s friend tell us he needs to go home to get a jacket, since it gets cold hiking in the canyon. We drove to his house & he ran inside to get a jacket. Since this was all part of the stalling plan, he went in just to sit on his couch & watch a couple YouTube videos! Finally, we were headed to the hot springs! We jammed out to some oldies & talked about everything that was going on in our lives. While driving, Chazz was secretly worried that his brother was driving us there to fast & we still needed to stall some time! The sunset was simply gorgeous that day. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m easily distracted by pretty sunsets, sunrises or pretty clouds in general. So, while I was staring out the window, Chazz silently scolded his brother to slow down! We finally got up to the parking lot, where the parking was absolutely insane. We found a spot & started our hike up the trail. It started to get dark & we snacked on all our treats. Chazz’s friend started to hike a little faster than normal & said he wants to get up there so we wouldn’t be out to late! His brother & sister in law started to hike faster too! We started to fall behind slowly. We started to reminisce about our first date. We looked ahead & we spotted the famous bridge that we both know so well. It was lit up with candles, all along the bottom & top. It didn’t cross my mind once that Chazz had done this just for me! I kept saying, ” Oh well that’s cute. I wonder why it’s lit up.” Chazz so calmly stated, “Oh I dunno!” Chazz was so calm that I didn’t expect what was going to happen next! We kept walking until we stopped in the center of the bridge & it’s like the stars exploded. Chazz had built arches on the bridge & strung lights all along them. He planned for them to turn on, right as we hit the middle. I turned to see Chazz facing me with his incredible smile & deep brown eyes. My breath was completely taken away, when he said, ” I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time.” He got down on one knee & told me he can’t wait to be my forever & to continue our life together.

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I couldn’t believe it, this was happening! He opened the box & it was the most stunning ring that he had designed himself & asked me to marry him. I begged him to put it on as I said yes! I didn’t even realize that our families had came out of the dark shadows to congratulate us! It was the most incredible night of my life & I couldn’t be more excited to continue loving life with my best friend.

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