Chaz and Will

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How We Met

In 2010, my sophomore year of college, I hosted a zombie tea party for Halloween. A mutual friend brought William along because they thought we’d hit it off. William hit it off. I didn’t. William asked me out, I said no, and he disappeared. In 2011, a message came into my Facebook inbox from William: “Sorry about all that. Let’s be friends.” Over the next few years, William became my best friend as we worked on independent films together. We grew as people with each other as support. Sometime in 2015, I suddenly realized that William had become someone I could love. And him? He’d never lost his feelings for me, after all those years. One day in October, he asked me out again. This time, I said yes.

how they asked

An indie film director friend of ours, with whom we’d both worked many times, sent me a message asking if William and I would be willing to act in a short skit for him. We met up in a park, ran through a rehearsal, and then our friend asked to go ahead and film the scene. In the end, I was to look up and “see” a UFO. When I looked down again, there was William on his knee with the most beautiful amethyst ring.

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He and our friend had cooked up the whole thing to make sure I was surprised! William is my best friend as well as the love of my life. I’m honored and grateful to be marrying such an incredible person, someone who accepts me for who I am and appreciates that I do the same for him. I wish this kind of love on the whole world!

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Special Thanks

Baron Redman
 | Videographer
Kalee Trem
 | Photographer