Chaylin and Tayler

How We Met

I met Chay five years ago at McMinnville Country Club when we were playing high school golf together. I offered to carry her clubs to the car after the round and we instantly hit it off. Three days…and three dates later, we were a happy couple. On August 13, 2016, five years to the day after I first asked Chay to be my girlfriend, I proposed to the love of my life. Chay has been like a princess out of a fairy tale these past five years. I wanted to give her a proposal fit for such a princess, so I planned out the day for months and months on end. I decided to propose through a scavenger with me (and the ring) as the prize at the end. I had to secretly involve nearly every single one of our friends who all managed to keep the secret and work together to create a truly magical day.

how they asked

The day began with me sneaking into Chay’s house while she was out shopping with her Mom and Dad. I arranged her outfit and jewelry for the day and left Clue#1 hanging with the dress. Each clue contained a different poem I had composed over the past few weeks and a riddle that led to the next location. B, our mutual best friend, was waiting on her at the location where I asked her to be my girlfriend with Clue #2. From there, she traveled from Crossville to Knoxville and went to our apartment. Kera was waiting on her with Clue#3 that told her to go to Downtown Bar and Grill. We eat here at least once a week and have spent countless nights there with our friends over our time at UT. Caitlyn Hardy was waiting on her there with the next clue. As a brief aside, Caitlyn took all the beautiful pictures you see on the site as well, and we cannot thank her enough. She was awesome. Chay finally made it to campus to get Clue#5 from Katie. Katie has been her roommate all throughout college and is basically my sister, so she was always going to be involved. She was between Morrill Hall and North Carrick on campus where I would kiss Chay and tell her goodnight each and every night our freshmen year. She left Katie and headed to the UC where she met up with Candace Moore for Clue #6. Candace is Chay’s oldest friend from all the way back in kindergarten. She got to the spot and gave out her clue all during the intermission of the play she is directing. She is a true friend and did every thing possible to make the day work. That brings us to Clue #7 which was the final clue. I was waiting with it in hand in front of Ayres Hall on the Hill at UT. Chay broke down in tears when she saw me. I would like to say I’m special, but all of our friends said she did all day as well. I handed her the clue that was not really a clue. It told her to turn around and read it. The clue was a list of promises I made to Chay. I intend to keep those promises till the day I die. When she finished reading, she turned around and saw me down on one knee. I honestly have no idea what I even asked, but I know she said yes to it. It was the happiest moment our lives. She searched all day for me and ended up finding a whole new family.

Image 1 of Chaylin and Tayler

Special Thanks

Caitlyn Hardy
 | Photographer