Chayla and Nathaniel

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How We Met

I’ll never forget that day 7 years ago in April 2011 when Chayla first laid eyes on Nate. We were at a local bowling alley and bar in Boston and he walked in after being invited by a friend and Chayla instantly melted. Nate had the cutest baby face and the sweetest personality! We chatted for a few amongst friends and enjoyed karaoke. Chayla didn’t pursue him much after that because she thought he was much younger than her. A year later they reconnected via social media, Chayla did some investigating and realized he was born in the same year as her so she inboxed him and they have spoken every day since!

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how they asked

We have been together officially 5 years and on Christmas Eve of 2017, my life changed. We were at my parent’s house after church like we always do. I wasn’t feeling well so I just wanted to nap and relax. I woke up, went to hang with two of my cousins as we do our yearly gift exchange then my dad tells me I HAVE to go to the store with Nate to get Ice for Christmas dinner the next day. I didn’t understand why I had to go but they were able to get us both out the house to run errands. Little did I know all of my friends were creeping into my parent’s house after we left! We grabbed the ice and was told to come back when we got back my dad told me he had something to show me.

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He had his living room curtain closed which he uses in the summer to keep AC in. I went to go see what he wanted to show me behind the curtain and low and behold there were about 15 faces smiling and cheering back at me with 4 of my closest friends holding purple wrapped gift boxes that said: “Will You Marry Me”.

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All of this was happening while my fav Christmas song “This Christmas” by Chris Brown was playing. When I realized what was happening I turned around through my tears and found the love of my life on his knee with a huge smile and beautiful ring in his hand. It took a few minutes but he asked me to marry him and I said YES! Best Christmas Gift Ever!

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