Chasity and Nakeea

Chasity and Nakeea's Engagement in At a photoshoot

How They Asked

We have been together for 10 years!! I had a rough relationship with my dad, so he didn’t get to meet him until last year!!! My parents birthdays are close together so we planned a visit because he wanted to ask for my hand properly!! On our visit, we decided to have a photoshoot for proper pictures. He was only supposed to pose for the proposal shot so we could capture it on film! I am very shy about extra attention!!

When we went for the shot in the park on a rustic bridge, he called out for my parents. I wasn’t sure why. Then I looked down and he had the ring and said this is it and asked me if I would honor him by becoming his wife finally!!! I was so surprised, I said this is just supposed to be a pose and he responded with this is the real deal and asked again. I gladly said yes forever and always!!!

Special Thanks

Jake Felts
 | Photographer
Jim and Linda Green
 | They were present for the celebration!!!