Chase Austin and Makayla Beth

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How We Met

May 8th, 2017. I was living in Dallas Texas, I’m a flight attendant based at DFW. I had one roommate at the time, but because I have the ability to travel, I was rarely ever home in Dallas. May is my “reserve” month which is better known as being “on-call” all month, which keeps me around in Dallas more. It was just a Monday afternoon, I went out to the pool to layout… certainly did not plan to meet or even talk to anyone! I wasn’t even wearing a cute suit. I had my headphones, listening to my music- just enjoying the hot sun. I very lightly noticed two guys come down to the pool but was truly uninterested in even acknowledging them or having any sort of conversation. One of those guys comes over to me and politely asks, “do you have any sunscreen? I figured you would because we kind of have the same skin type.” I responded kindly: “no I don’t.” A little later, the same guy asks me “is that your music playing?”… referring to the rock speaker at the apartment that provided public music for all of the pool guests. Again, I kindly responded: “no it’s not.”

Mind you, I was not interested in mingling. I just wanted some sun and some peace and quiet on my day off. But, after some more time past both of the guys started chatting and I got a little more friendly because I could tell they were genuine guys. It turned out that the were roommates and they lived right above my roommate and me in the apartment complex. They didn’t come out much either but happened to have the same Monday off and decided to have a pool day too.

We talked about how my roommate and I were flight attendants and didn’t spend a lot of time in Dallas or explore much. Mr. in need of sunscreen, (which by the way his name is Chase) asked if my roommate and I wanted to go to grab some food at a cool place in Dallas since we hadn’t been out much. I said sure! But in the meantime my roommate, Maddie was inside texting me letting me know what she was going to make for dinner. I promptly texted her back: “hold the dinner. I just got us dates for tonight!” The 4 of us went to dinner on a non-double date that we still love and laugh about to this day. That was the start of our sweet, innocent “summer camp romance”. Our first real “date” was going to church together then dinner afterward. My friends all asked: “Your first date was Chase asking you to church!?” Lol! However, I loved it!

Flash forward – For the last two years, I’ve been thinking and dreaming about marrying Chase!

How They Asked

July 3rd, 2019 Chase proposed to me and it has been our best day yet! The 4th of July is my favorite holiday, so he definitely knew what he was doing. We have a song. Our favorite song. It just does something for us.

My parents have a pool in their back yard and all summer long, that’s been the hang out spot. My whole family (and there’s a lot of us… I’m the baby of 5) was hanging out and swimming and I was super bummed because I didn’t think Chase was going to be able to come over at all. Little did I know, the production he had planned.

My sisters started acting weird and kept telling me to go see one of them bc they “needed me for something” and I was so confused. As I’m standing there confused and wondering what’s going on, that special song we long so much start playing. I start shaking a little because it’s not a normal song that just comes on a summer Spotify playlist. Then, my nephew comes running out and hands me a bottle of sunscreen (of course) with a note on it from chase asking me to meet him outside. Now I’m really crying. SUNSCREEN! Since it was just a day at the pool, I was in my swimsuit and that’s when my mom and one of my sisters come and slip a little romper on me so I’m dressed for the proposal of my dreams! Also, a special, unexpected surprise: the artist of the song saw our video and congratulated us!! ❤️

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