Chase and Lauren

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How We Met

Our love story began sophomore year of high school when Chase asked me to be his date to the Homecoming football game (although we did not know it at the time). We mainly went as friends due to having several classes together. However, as the night went on it became clear that we both had what each other were looking for. Chase jokes that game was the least football he’s ever watched- we just talked for hours. October 1, 2010 is our anniversary that marks when Chase officially asked me to be his grilfriend and our first kiss so many years ago. High school was a wonderful time for us from being chosen as Homecoming Prince and Princess our junior year to going to prom together senior year. We faced some challenges when college rolled around but we conquered the distance between us and realized we were meant for each other.

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how they asked

Towards the end of Chase’s study abroad with Baylor University in Florence, Italy I flew to visit him with his family. The first European city we visited on our adventure was Rome, Italy. This was already the trip of a lifetime, but boy did I have a big surprise coming.

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June 26, 2017- On our third day in Rome, we visited Villa Borghese Gardens in the afternoon. I was clearly clueless about the proposal because Laurie (Chase’s mom) kindly suggested I change into a dress for “cute pictures”. Once we arrived at the park, we rode bikes and I complained about having to wear a dress in the hot weather. If only I knew what surprise was going to happen a few hours later… Chase and I zoomed around the turns as Ashley (Chase’s sister) struggled to keep up on their four-person seater.

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Afterwards, we walked towards a pond on the outskirts of the park and Chase casually asked me if I wanted to get on a row boat together. After several moments of Ashley trying to distract me we boarded the boat. I continued to make things difficult as I asked him to row to the shade (redhead problems), which was away from the scenic route. A few minutes later, Laurie and Ashley began to row towards us and yell to move in front of the beautiful Roman structure. I thought nothing of it because, “Duh! Cute pictures!”.

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Once we were centered, Laurie began to take pictures and I turned back towards Chase to see him down on one knee in the MIDDLE of the boat! I immediately began to cry happy tears and freak out (thank goodness for big sunglasses). Through my excited squeals and crying Chase said, “Lauren Marie Gordon, if this trip has taught me anything it’s that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Cue the tears! This was a special day that I will never forget. Chase has always treated me like a princess and our proposal was everything I ever dreamed of. I am so blessed to join a family that has always treated me like one of their own. #soontobesepulvador

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Special Thanks

Laurie Sepulvador
 | Photographer
Mark Sepulvador
 | Planning
Ashley Sepulvador
 | Planning