Chase and Jared

how we met

Jared and I first met a few days before Halloween at a friend’s house. We were carving pumpkins and we started talking and have not had any days without talking since then. We actually haven’t had many days without seeing each other since then. After a few weeks, we could just tell that it was one of those situations “when you know, you know.”

how they asked

It was a Sunday afternoon, and Jared and I were supposed to meet up with our friends for lunch. When we were almost there, Jared got a call from his buddy saying that the place was packed so we would have to go somewhere in downtown Lafayette, across the bridge from Purdue. We parked and started walking across the pedestrian bridge. Halfway across the bridge, Jared pulled my arm toward him, to turn me around and he got down on one knee. He told me that he loved me, and then pulled out a ring. After I got up, he got up and kissed me. When I turned around, our friends were there, taking pictures of us and recording everything. Then we actually went to dinner, but Jared had secretly planned for our entire family to meet us there so I got to eat a meal with my whole family after saying yes to the love of my life!

Special Thanks

Emily Jayne Photography
 | Photography
Purdue Horticulture Park
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