Charron and Tristan

how we met

One of my dearest best friends, Schelley thought that it would be a good idea for her sister, Angela and myself to get away for the weekend to go celebrate our birthdays in Vegas. I had no intentions of meeting anyone that weekend. I simply wanted to go out and have a good time. While on the Vegas Strip we walked around, met a few club promoters and people along the way. We were later invited to a club by the name of Moon at The Palm Hotel. Once we arrived we walked around the perimeter of the club to scope out the scene and finally made our way back to the front where we met a group of guys from Chicago. We were invited to their table that overlooked the dance floor and to our right there was another section where Tristan and a number of people were sitting at, mind you I was not paying any attention to what was going on.

Schelley, on the other hand, scoped out the area noticed Tristan and nudged me telling me that I better go talk to him. For those who know me, I have never been one to approach ANYONE, lol! I laughed and told Schelley, “girl I’m not thinking about him!” Little did Tristan and I know our friends were trying to set us up.

I recall being asked by a gentleman from their section, “why were we hanging out with the group of guys that we were with?” At this point, Tristan eased his way over towards where we were. I stepped down from our section as Schelley insisted that I come and talk to this man as I still did not pay him any mind.

However, what later caught my eye at that moment was his velvet wine colored blazer. I began to size him up and complimented Tristan on how much I loved his blazer. It was at that very moment when I glanced up and realized okay, this guy is attractive! The gentlemen who invited us over to their section ended up leaving and left the area to us girls for the evening where Tristan and I were able to further connect and later exchange numbers and the rest is history!

how they asked

A morning of pillow talk led to this, Haha!


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