Charmaine and Tabias


How We Met

I met my prince charming Tabias at work. We were both new to the job at the time. I started 2 weeks ahead of him and was out of training first. Once his team finished training, he was assigned to a team right next to me. Everyday in order to get to his seat he would have to walk past me. I had no choice but to notice him because he always smelled good. His cologne would attract all the girls. One late night after work I complimented him on his cologne but he wasn’t hearing it. I understood because we work a 4pm-12am shift at the time and both of us were tired and ready for bed.


The next day we had to sit right beside each other and as I got to know him, I saw someone different than the night before. He apologized for his actions. I wrote my number down and had it ready for when he asked for it.


We are a Sagittarius couple so I knew exactly what he was thinking. From that point on he has taken me new places and experience new things with me. I am so grateful for him.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sky Lounge Atlanta, GA

how they asked

November 4, 2016 is My best friend’s, Dominique, birthday. I was in Atlanta, GA celebrating her birthday at the SkyLounge. The view here is amazing and especially at night. The entire time I’m thinking we’re there for my friend’s birthday but the joke was on me. She was a part of it all. A guy came out and played the guitar and from around the corner I see Tabias walking out with red roses. I left you at home which is one and half an hour away. What are you doing here? Then finally it hit me, he’s going to propose to me.


My cousin, friends, and his friends all came out after him. He grabbed the ring box from my cousin DJ, got on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.


I was already in tears by this point and said YES to my best friend.





Charmaine and Tabias's Engagement in Sky Lounge Atlanta, GA