Charly and Brady

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How We Met

Brady and I originally met at a bereavement camp where we were each volunteering as big siblings to young campers after the deaths of each of our dads. We were both 14 at the time and then fast forward to the summer before our senior year of high school. We had no contact over the last three years until this particular Sunday morning when I woke up late for church so I went to the later service. And if Brady were telling the story, he’d say the crowd was split like the Red Sea and he could see me perfectly as he leaned to his best friend to say, ” Dude, that’s Charly Holik”. And I guess the rest is history. But I wouldn’t be telling the full truth if I left out the friend zone, where Brady lived for a few months. But, God had something bigger and better than I think even Brady realized and now the rest is history… ❤

how they asked

Fast forward again and we are seniors in college and it is the week before Christmas 2016. Brady’s family tell us we have to make an appearance at a work Christmas party so we decided to go out on a dinner date before. All week long, Brady is super interested in what I’m going to wear on our date (I love for us to match and I had mentioned I wanted us to match when he proposed.) So Christmas Eve eve comes and Brady picks me up at my house. He looks so handsome, smells great, I can tell he just got his hair cut, and our clothes match. So we leave to eat and his FJ is spotless and smells like it was dry cleaned. Despite all these clues, I had decided I was looking to far into things.

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So we go eat a yummy KC steak before the “party.” Then, on the way to the “party” Brady says he has to stop by his place. As we pass his house, I knew something was up. He turns and bring us down to this little park with dozens of big trees covered in Christmas lights, my favorite! We walked down to a tree with a letter on it that said “Dear Charly” and when I flipped it over it began a love letter (also, my favorite) that walked us back through our relationship. As we walked from tree to tree, Brady had placed photos with the letter continued on each until we got to the last tree. This tree had only a blank piece of paper that read “Love, Brady” at the bottom. Then, I turned to find Brady on one knee.

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It was incredibly perfect. And then as if all that wasn’t perfect enough, there really was a party afterwards. Brady had gathered all of my family and all of his to celebrate with us. It was unbelievable and more than I ever dreamed. I wouldn’t change a single thing! ❤

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