Charlotte and Reece

How We Met

Reece and I met five years ago and have been ridiculously happy ever since. We’ve had some really hard times in those five years. My dad has terminal cancer and Reeces mum passed away early November 2018. With such extreme highs and lows, we learned to really depend on each other. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is the strongest and most caring person I know.

Charlotte and Reece's Engagement in Minnamurra, NSW Australia

How They Asked

Reece’s sister in law is an INCREDIBLE photographer who has flown all over Australia and New Zealand capturing amazing photos for beautiful people on their wedding day. Every now and then Alana will ask Reece and me to come around to do a styled shoot for her. Mostly just so she can play around with different ideas that she has before taking them to a client. It’s always a lot of fun so we never say no. One day I had a text from Alana asking if Reece and I were free to do a shoot at a local river. The river is one of mine and Reece favorite places in the world so we quickly said yes.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Minnamurra, NSW Australia

Charlotte's Proposal in Minnamurra, NSW Australia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Minnamurra, NSW Australia

The next day, the three of us drove over to the river and started a normal shoot. Alana captured the most amazing photos along the river edge and on the cliff face. After an hour or so we slowly started to walk back to the car. Alana asked if we could get a couple more photos before it started to rain. Through some sneaky hand work with Reece and Alana, she managed to sneak him the ring she had in her camera bag the whole time. The photos show the frame by frame of when he asked the big question. Of course, I said yes! Cue the confetti cannon!

Special Thanks

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