Charlotte and Luke

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Moulin Rouge, Paris

How We Met

I was a geek back in school and Luke was on the chavvy side! I wore my tie tightly round my neck and Luke wore a gold chain. We left school and years went by with nothing until I received a message on Plenty of Fish! He didn’t recognise my photos on my profile and it made me laugh. Looking back it was the sign that he would be making me laugh every day for the rest of our lives. I knew from our first date I would marry him, and I told my best friends the same thing when we were 2 months into our relationship.

We now have 2 fur baby kittens and are in the midst of buying our dream home, life with Luke is exactly as he promised – full of fun, travelling and unconditional love.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Moulin Rouge, Paris

How They Asked

We booked a trip to Paris for our 4 year anniversary, and I had always secretly hoped the Eiffel Tower would be the magic spot! It was meant to be a perfect romantic trip, and we ended up paying for Moulin Rouge tickets which were a dream of mine! The Eiffel Tower was the first place we visited and I had the decency to sulk when I didn’t get a proposal! Little did I know he was waiting for that evening when we were dressed up heading to the Moulin Rouge. I asked for a photo in front of the famous windmill, and he asked for one also. I got my phone out my bag, turned around and came face to face with the love of my life on one knee!

He later told me he had planned a speech, but all he could manage was ‘marry me’. I had come round to the fact there would be no engagement in Paris so shocked was an understatement! I cried for most of the evening, couldn’t eat any dinner and spent our trip living in our bubble of engagement and champagne! Luke went above and beyond to surprise me and convince me there was no proposal on the cards, coupled with the PERFECT ring and dream location. Spending my life with him is like a gift every day, and I can’t wait to see him at the altar waiting to begin a new journey…