Charlotte and Lucas

Charlotte and Lucas's Engagement in On our front porch

How They Asked

There actually is a backstory. I have a love for hot air balloons. I have since I was a kid, I even have a tattoo of one. So for our anniversary he bought us tickets for a ride! But sadly it was cancelled because of the weather…three times in fact. Turns out that’s how he was going to pop the question. So instead he was impulsive. One night it was storming. And it reminded him of the first night hung out and he kissed me was during a thunderstorm. So it’s sort of a tradition of ours to watch the lightning during storms, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary when he asked me to come outside to watch. But when he did he got down on one knee out in the rain and explained that this wasn’t his plan and he just couldn’t wait any longer and how I’m the love of his life. I was so in shock. He admitted he didn’t even plan it 15 minutes prior! It was all so spontaneous! But he had the ring for months and I love that it wasn’t a big gesture just a pure act of love.