Charlotte and Joe

Image 1 of Charlotte and Joe

How We Met

One night in 2017, I was prepared to stay in and have a night to myself when my best friend (after much convincing) swayed me to go out to a Naperville, IL bar to see a live band with other friends. After tearing up the dance floor, a guy had suddenly bumped into me (which wound up being Joe). After dancing together for a bit, we immediately hit it off and started talking. A few days later we went on our first date and the rest is history! Although planning a wedding through this pandemic has had it challenges (like both of us getting COVID in November), we are excited for what the future has to bring!

How They Asked

We live in Illinois but frequently take weekend trips to Lake Geneva, WI. While we were there on 9/25/20, we decided to watch the evening sunset by the lake. Joe is quite the fisherman (and I’ve become quite the fisher woman!), and decided to throw a line in the water. After a few minutes of watching the lake and taking in nature, Joe asked me to grab a lure from his tackle box to which I opened it up and found the ring and a sign of “will you marry me?”. I of course said yes, and shortly after my family and his family gathered to celebrate. I was “o-fish-ially lured in and hooked”! It couldn’t have been more perfect!