Charlotte and Danny

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How We Met

Danny and Charlotte, September 2013

We met in orchestra at Bowling Green State University. He was a junior bassist and I was a freshman violinist. He claims that when he first saw me, he knew he was going to marry me. I didn’t even know who he was until a friend of his (who I had come to know) came up to me in the student union and asked me if I knew Danny. After seeing a few pictures, I was able to recognize him. He then told me that Danny was in love with me and he thought I was the most beautiful girl in the world. Having my self confidence boosted, I went on throughout my day, wondering if Danny would ever reach out to me. He eventually did (via Twitter) and we messaged a bit back and forth. Later that week, he asked if I wanted to get ice cream with him after our orchestra concert. I agreed, more so for the free ice cream than getting to know him. That being said, Danny still claims it was the worst date he has ever been on! Apparently I talked about myself too much. Still, he was persistent, and even showed up to my dorm late at night to go on a walk with me. I joined him, which is when he told me that he wanted to pursue a relationship with me. I was down with that, and we went on a date later that week. We went to a BG football game and then to Wintergarden (which is where the photo came from). There was also a moment that we call our “almost first kiss.” I was looking at the sunset through the trees and it was one of the most gorgeous sights I had ever seen. I literally said “I don’t know what could make this moment any more perfect.” Danny then stood in front of me and attempted to kiss me. After not being kissed by many boys in my life, I naturally freaked out. It was super awkward, but Danny still offered to buy me ice cream after. After two more short weeks (and an eventual first kiss that was wonderfully blissful and everything I could ever imagine), he asked me to be his girlfriend on October 13th, 2013.

how they asked

Danny had given me a call on Tuesday, March 15th, asking if I wanted to go on a walk to Wintergarden the next day. I agreed, since it’s our favorite date spot. The next day, I get a call from Danny after my classes saying that he was talking to our friend Abby and she needed to take photos for her photography class. Danny asked if it was ok if she could take photos of us, saying it was a “Day In the Life” series, and I agreed! As I got ready, I was super nervous. I couldn’t stop thinking today was the day that he was going to propose! We had been dating for almost 2 1/2 years, and we had talked about marriage. He came and picked me up, and we met Abby at Wintergarden. We started the photo shoot, and after some conversation, I asked Abby if she had heard our “almost first kiss” story. Danny insisted that we wait until we get to the spot to tell her all the details. When we got to the spot, he wanted to act it out for Abby. He stood behind me and told me to say my line (“I don’t know what could make this moment any more perfect”). Then I heard him behind me say, “Yeah, and then I proposed!” I turned around and found him down on one knee. I don’t remember all the words he said, but I remember asking me to marry him. I immediately said yes, and gave him the biggest hug I had ever given anyone in my life. Abby got amazing photos, it was a wonderful day, and I’m so excited to marry the man of my dreams.

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Special Thanks

Abby Lewis
 | Photography