Charlie and Scott


How We Met

CHARLIE’S SIDE OF THE STORY: My senior year in college I lived with two other girls. One of them would go play softball every Sunday night. One night in the fall, she asked me to come play with them because they needed another girl. I said, “Why not?” I loved softball and I had never actually played slow pitch before.

I must’ve done pretty well because they asked me to keep coming back. While on the team, I tried to introduce myself to everyone because I literally knew no one, but my roommate. I interacted with most of the people, except for, who I assumed, was one of the better guy players on the team – he was super quiet. I thought it was a bummer because he was kind of cute. I asked my roommate about him later, but she couldn’t tell me much about him.. Oh well..

Anyway, softball ended and I had Facebook-friended most of the people on the team in case they ever needed a girl to play again and what not. Months went by and then sometime in December, randomly, I get a Facebook request from, low and behold, the softball guy – Scott!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty interested in seeing what this guy was all about, so of course, I Facebook creeped. The first thing I see on his profile – something about watching a Lord of the Rings marathon.. “Oh wow”, I thought. So without hesitation, I commented – “Nerd much? lol” and that started our messaging.

We had messaged back and forth for a week and he offered to show me around Des Moines since I had never really gone anywhere besides the mall.

We decided to meet up at Exile Brewing Co., downtown one weekend. All I really remember during the whole date is thinking, “This guy never said a word to me during softball, but now he literally won’t stop talking..” I didn’t mind it though. I found him interesting and that night was the first night of many fun dates we’ve had together!


how they asked

SCOTT’S SIDE OF THE STORY: So the planning really began about a month or so earlier as I began to think of how I would propose and when. That was early June and the first thing I thought of was proposing on Fourth of July as that is one of Charlie’s favorite days of the year!

Throughout June, I had gotten off work early a few different days and had used that time to start shopping for a ring. I had to make sure that I still got home at normal time so Charlie wouldn’t think anything was up. I went to waste time at the other stores when need be so she wouldn’t get suspicious. Needless to say, I thought these things through as to make sure this was a surprise for her.
At around the same time that I had picked out and then gone back to purchase the ring, in mid-June, I had mentioned possibly going out to dinner on the Fourth of July – somewhere like Fong’s or a place we haven’t gone to lately. She countered back with Jethro’s and I had no argument. Dinner plans for that night were now set and I let her lead the way on where we went.

Next thing for me was getting into the store and having the ring sent in to get sized and still be back in time for the Fourth of July weekend. They said they usually needed two weeks and that’s the same time that I was giving them for this to all work. They helped and put a rush order on the ring to make sure it would be back in time.
From there, it was just a matter of where we would be to enjoy the fireworks and everything to happen. At first i was thinking it might be the Yankee Doodle Pops, but that ended up being on the 2nd. So then we had planned to go to Raccoon River in West Des Moines – instead of the fireworks in Urbandale since we had seen those the previous year.

Again, I didn’t force anything but this worked out perfectly again for my plan as this was also where we had first met while playing softball just a few years before.

The last part of the plan was to keep the ring hidden as we went to meet Charlie’s dad for dinner quick before watching her brother-in-law race that Friday night. While Charlie was up at the buffet line, I finally had my chance and had to make sure to mention to her dad what I had planned for the weekend. At that point, he was the only person that knew of my plan for the weekend.

It’s a good thing she had no idea because I had the ring in the car the entire weekend and just a few feet away from her!

Come the next morning, we had talked about and finally went down to check out the Farmer’s Market. From there it was a pretty typical Saturday afternoon as we both worked out and then watched some baseball before getting ready to go to dinner. Again with getting dressed, I wanted to have something semi-nice, but not to give anything away so I had khaki shorts and a t-shirt.

Once we got done with dinner, we were ready plenty early but still didn’t know how early we would need to go down to the park to get a good spot for fireworks.

So we decided to go back home for an hour or so, which was when I took the chance to move the ring from the car door and into my pocket. So, an hour of the ring in my pocket and I made sure that she couldnt notice.

I even planned so far as to think that whenever we go places, Charlie is always on my right hand side so I put the ring in my left side pocket.

Well, we get to the park and find a nice spot as we were plenty early so we claimed our own little grassy area. We put the blanket down and what do you know, she sits on the left side! So there I am, about to go through with this and all I can do is try to make sure I can survive until the fireworks start! And I’m still not sure how she didn’t notice anything at that point.

Finally the fireworks started and about time too! A few fireworks in and Charlie says something like “This has been pretty awesome day!” So I took that chance to say “You know what would make it better?” as I was digging the ring out!

Worked out perfectly for me as I wasn’t really sure what I was going to all say, but then the problem was that Charlie froze up from shock and I got a little nervous before she realized she hadn’t said anything and then said “Yes!” We both had a good laugh after the fact because she basically set the whole thing up without even knowing.