Charlie and Jarryd

How We Met

Jarryd and I met at work. He was fresh off the boat from South Africa and it was my first job out of University. When I first met him, I thought he was arrogant, overconfident and a right pain! But as we got to talking what started as a friendship quickly become a romance.

5 years later and we now own our first home together, we share a group of fantastic friends and we can truly say we have met the love of our lives!

Charlie and Jarryd's Engagement in South Africa

How They Asked

As our 5 year anniversary was coming up and I was pretty sure an engagement was around the corner, but I had no idea when. We had planned to go to South Africa for the Christmas Holidays and Jarryd was taking me to Cape Town for the first time ever. I had a feeling it would happen in the Vineyards after New Year’s Eve, as he was acting very shady about me booking anything during that time (and I’m the planner in our relationship).

We were staying with some friends in Camps Bay and decided to go on a hike on New Year’s Eve up Lions Head – to see the views. It was the most stunning day and as we set off, I did think the boys were acting like excited puppies (but had no idea what was to come).

As we got near the top, our friend spotted some rocks that he thought would be cool to get some photos on. So we got a picture as a 4, then I took a couple of photo of our friends, then we got a picture of me facing the view – and as I turned around Jarryd was there on one knee. It was the most surreal experience of my life, and I was so shocked!

A couple of minutes later I realised our friends had filmed the whole thing and they had been in on the plans for 5 months! They then brought out a bottle of champagne that they had hiked up the mountain with and we sprayed it over the mountain to celebrate.

The ring is absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have designed it better myself. The fact he got it made back in SA makes me love it even more. I’m one lucky girl!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer and planner
 | Photographer and planner