Charli and Brian

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Darlington, sc

How We Met

We started dating on July 4, 2014.

How They Asked

On July 4, 2019, Brian and my sister and her fiancé pick me up to go “taste” wedding cakes for their big day. I thought something was strange because it was not only a Thursday morning but a holiday. I went with it. When we were almost to the location my sister hands me a license plate with July 4, 2014, and a card. When I opened the card, it was from Brian telling me he had set up a scavenger hunt of places that mean something to us or have had a part in our relationship. I was to go to each location and there would be someone waiting for me with my next clue.

Charli and Brian's Engagement in Darlington, sc

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Darlington, sc

I was to take a picture with everyone there and send it to him so that I could get the next clue. Sweetest man ever for including everyone that’s special to me!! Then my sister hands me my next sign that has my first name. First stop was the racetrack where it all started. Waiting was my soon to be MIL and our two boys with a sign that had my middle name. the boys had to join in the fun and went along for the remainder of the ride. Next stop, Starbucks where my brother and girlfriend were waiting with a sign that had my last name, that was our first date! Then on to downtown Darlington, so many memories have been made here because we are from a small town and it’s the center for everything fun.

Where to Propose in Darlington, sc

Here I found my best friend and her family with a sign that said “will”. My next clue would be my momma’s house, where my life began, she awaited with the sign that said “you”. Obviously, I know what’s going to happen at the end of the hunt by this point but I was so excited to see what/who would be next. On to my aunt’s house where her family was waiting with their sign “marry”. This is the house where we have most of our holiday celebrations. Next to the last stop, my grandparents, where my dad and grandparents had the “me” sign! This was a very important stop bc they are getting older and do not get out of the house so they were so excited to be included! Final stop, home, where my man and everyone throughout the hunt was waiting on me! When I exited the car, Brian was standing at the edge of our yard waiting.

He got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife! My center diamond was Brian’s grandmothers who passed away in 2004, over thirty years old. I could not have asked for a better proposal!