Charles and Scott

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How We Met

Before we officially “met” and dated, we crossed paths in a short chain of emails, but nothing came of it at that time. Scott had been toying with the idea of moving to Dallas and had been looking up listing of rooms for rent in the area. Charles, at that time, had a listing for a room to rent in his house, and we communicated shortly about this endeavor. Farther down the road, we caught each other’s eye on a dating website, and the rest is history.

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It wasn’t until later that we realized we had previously communicated. We exchanged emails and texts for a few weeks and decided to meet one night halfway for dinner (we lived an hour and a half apart). When we first saw each other, we were both dressed from work – Charles in a nice shirt, slacks and dress shoes, and Scott in a graphic tee, shorts and flip flops – something Charles will never let Scott forget. During the dinner, butterflies were present in both of us, but yet there was a level of comfort and ease.

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how they asked

Charles: Scott and I knew that marriage was in the not-so-distant future when he moved in, which was two years into our relationship. After many discussions, I decided that I really wanted to be the one who popped the question; it was all a matter of when. I had told myself I wanted to wait a year before I popped the question, and as the time approached I knew our three-year anniversary was the perfect date. I set out with a vague idea in my head and spent hours searching ideas on Google. While I am one for a grand show, I knew Scott was not and my number one priority was to ensure he was comfortable (the last thing I wanted was for him to be uncomfortable in the setting and say no). This meant it needed to be private and intimate. The idea of a gazebo proposal, with string lights and the night sky, was gorgeous in my mind, but I was having zero luck in finding a private gazebo.

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After a month of attempting things on my own (and only a month until our anniversary) I decided I needed professionals, so I started contacting event planners. I knew after the first discussion with Elie at The Yes Girls Events I had made the right decision. Elie and her team came up with a few options of amazing ideas. I took elements of each to create the proposal I knew Scott deserved. They were able to take things from our quirky relationship and fold them into the entire event. The day of the proposal (which, again, was our three-year anniversary) I made us breakfast and attempted to treat it as any other day. Scott went to work and I stayed home that day to get things ready for that evening. Scott finally got off work that evening and came home, as usual, expecting the two of us to stay in and cook dinner as we always do. To his surprise, he came home to find an outfit laid out on the bed with a note telling him to relax for a little while and be ready outside to be picked up at 7:00 sharp.

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On the dot, I had a limo pull up outside the house. I immediately received a text from Scott saying, “what is going on?”. When he found out I was not in the limo waiting for him it changed to, “OMG what is going on?”. To not give anything away I simply responded, “I love you.” The limo drove him to The Venue at 400 North Ervay in Downtown Dallas. He was led to the rooftop deck, where I was waiting for him. The moment the elevator doors opened I knew I had planned a memorable night, as the look on his face was a look I had never seen before – excitement combined with sheer shock and confusion. I greeted him with a kiss and took his hand over to an arrangement of greenery and candles. There were also five graphic tees laid out, as you will always find Scott in a graphic tee (even on our first date).

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Each one of them represented a time in our relationship and I walked him through the memories: The first one signified our first date, reminding him of how we showed up dressed so differently than the other; the second shirt signified our first vacation to Disney World, which was a magical memory we can’t wait to experience again; the third shirt stood for equality, and a reminder of how same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in our home state when we started dating; the fourth shirt said “Home is where you park your flip flops,” which related to Scott moving to Dallas and us starting a new chapter in our lives; and the final shirt had a video game controller and said “Player 1,” which related to Scott’s love of video games. I then revealed that I was wearing a “Player 2 Forever” shirt, to tell him I will always be his “Player 2.”

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After that, I dropped to one knee and asked him if he would spend the rest of his life with me and if he would make me the happiest man ever and be my husband. He, of course, said yes, and then took my ring and asked me the same.

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Scott: The proposal happened on our third anniversary. That morning, Charlie made breakfast and mentioned how hectic his work schedule would be that day and also that we would just make dinner when he got home, as we do pretty much every day. I went to work, hoping that he had something planned and was just leading me on, but when I got off work and texted him to tell him I was going home, he replied and said he was stuck in a meeting. I was disappointed but still hoped that maybe he had something planned, and that he would actually be home when I got there with something special in progress. I pulled into the driveway and opened the garage, and the garage was vacant. I was disappointed, but I know he stays very busy at work, so I resigned to the fact that I would need to start dinner myself, and headed into the house.

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I knew we would do something special for the upcoming weekend. I walked into the bedroom and found a complete outfit laid out on the bed with an envelope on top. I opened the envelope and found a hand-written card that said he was out planning a special night, that he wanted me to relax and have a snack (he had purchased some sushi – my favorite) and that I needed to be dressed and outside in front of the house no later than 7 p.m. I complied, completely expecting him to show up and take me to a nice, late dinner somewhere. When 7 p.m. rolled around, I was waiting at the front door when a white limousine pulled up. Shocked, I was nicely instructed by the driver that I was supposed to follow directions, and I got into the car, expecting Charlie to be in there…but he wasn’t.

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The car drove to downtown Dallas and stopped at a building I was unfamiliar with. I was led upstairs, escorted into an elevator, then down a long hallway, and then was put into an elevator by myself. At that point, I was still thinking that there was a really nice restaurant on top of the building. Once the elevator doors opened, I saw Charlie, a beautiful view, a completely empty rooftop, and a small area that had been staged with plants and candles. It was then that I realized that he had truly done something very special and that it would be an evening I would never forget.

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