Charles and Samantha

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How We Met

We went out to dinner for our first date and I thought I totally goofed it up. I was a few minutes late and I stepped on her feet when I first walked in and gave her a hug. Little did I know she walked away at the end of the night thinking, “Wow, that was the best first date I’ve ever been on!”

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On our second date, I took her to Huntington Beach to watch the sunset.

How They Asked

There is nothing better than a west coast sunset. Samantha and I went to Huntington Beach on our second date and watched the sunset and I remember thinking that there was no place that I would rather be. Even though Samantha is not a big beach person, we have gone on many dates to various beaches in Southern California to watch the sunset. For Samantha and me, it has always been super peaceful and a way to get away from the world.

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When thinking about where to propose to Samantha, Huntington Beach was always one of my favorite memories and I knew that it had to be the place to “pop the question.” I picked up Samantha like any other typical Friday afternoon and headed straight down Beach Boulevard. She wasn’t surprised at all that on a clear Friday afternoon that we were headed for the beach. The whole COVID-19 pandemic really threw a curveball at the last minute as I wasn’t even sure that the beach would be open.

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However, when things are supposed to come together they have a way of working out and the beach turned out to be open. Little to Samantha’s knowledge, I had hired a photographer to capture the special moment. We went to the exact spot that we watched our first sunset together and I got down on one knee. Just like the first sunset spent together this sunset will be one that I never forget! I guess you can say the rest is history.

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