Charles and Mark

how we met

A little “typical” but “un-typical” as I like to describe it. We both went to BrockU but met online…. I won’t lie – I gave my actual cellphone number to Mark pretty quick after chatting for about a week…(I mean how could I not have?!) Shortly after we exchanged numbers and one day in the middle of lecture… I get a “hey are you in econometrics?” text and I said “Yes.” Being the dork I am, I always sat in front of the class, and then I get a “turn around.” text and there I saw him in the flesh, waiving hello from the second to the top row of the classroom. It was the cutest most pure thing – and all that I thought was “damn, he’s cuter in person!”

how they asked

I proposed to Mark at the Edgewater Manor restaurant in Fruitland, ON. I know I was going to propose to him for a while but this Christmas just felt extra special. (Mind you, Mark has been asking why we weren’t married for the last like year and a half). It helped that he just started a new job and was out in Calgary for a week. That’s when it was crunch time. Family is SUPER important to him. I wanted to have them involved in some way but still have the moment between us. While he was gone, I put together this ~10 min collage of pictures of us over the last 4 years with texts reading how amazing he is, how much I love him, and how important he is to everyone. I had my friends, the restaurant, and the wonderful Katie involved prior to the dinner. I had my good friend Rachel a couple weeks before message us saying she won a dinner for “four” at this restaurant. Last minute she would cancel due to a family emergency. (I knew this was going to be tough because Mark is such a nice guy and would say “let’s just go to A&W” or “let’s not just go.” so this was tough). I told Mark i had to “go to the bathroom” and our waiter was involved to show dinner their “dessert menu” on an ipad.That’s where he would watch the video. The collage had videos of all his closest friends & family explaining how important and how much he’s loved. At the end of the video I had a text slide reading “theres one more person” and then a video of me came up explaining how he means the world to me and then I said “take the promise ring you have off, put it somewhere safe and come meet me outside…” that’s when I was outside-waiting to start this next chapter of my life with the man of my dreams.

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