Charles and Joshua

how we met

Picture it! San Antonio, TX 2008. Location? The University of Texas at San Antonio freshmen dorm Chisholm Hall. Two next door neighbors that would eventually become much more than friends.

how they asked

We had just signed a lease on a new apartment and Blue suggested that we go “take a look at it” Keep in mind we did not have the keys just yet and were not set to move until two weeks later. It was a weekday and after he made us a nice steak dinner at home so I was a little surprised by his idea to go see the apartment but didn’t think anything of it. As we pull up to the complex, we park and I start looking and pointing our parking spaces, trash cans, etc.. meanwhile Blue takes a small box out of his pocket and opens it up and said ” I was going to wait till Christmas but I figured now is the best time” He pops the question ( I slide on the ring without officially saying yes lol) and I for the first time in my life was legit speechless.

Special Thanks

Amy Maddox Photography
 | Photography
Hermann Park
 | Location