Ashley and Charles

How we met

We both attended The University of Georgia for college – I was a Dance Dawg and he was the school’s mascot, Hairy Dawg! We traveled to Spokane, Washington together with the UGA women’s basketball team for a big tournament. This was the first time we ever talked, but we didn’t see each other again for seven months, as he graduated and moved to Atlanta. The next Fall, we ran in to each other at a tailgate before the Georgia/Florida football game in Jacksonville and picked up right where we left off. The rest is history!

how they asked

We were in Athens, GA (our favorite place in the world) for his sister’s graduation. The day after graduation, I went to brunch with his family at Last Resort Grill. From there, Charles and I decided to take a walk downtown to grab some coffee. We turned the corner when we got to the Georgia Theatre, and he pointed up to the marquee. It took me a second to read it, as I was caught off guard! “Ashley, Will You Marry Me?” I turned around with excitement, and he was on one knee! People around us started cheering. Little did I know, he had hired a photographer to capture this special moment. We walked around downtown and North Campus for photos to help us forever cherish this unforgettable day. We went back to the house to see his family, and when we walked in, my family was there, too! I was shocked. I had no idea they were able to come down to celebrate with us. Later that evening, all of our friends surprised me by showing up, too! It was truly the best day of my life – filled with 3 perfectly planned surprises!

Special Thanks