Charlene and Jacques

How We Met

Jacques and I met at a bar on Super Bowl Sunday of 2017. I was on my way home from getting groceries when my girlfriends at the time texted me and invited me to meet them at a bar for wings and to hang out.

When I arrived at the bar, my girlfriends were sitting at the bar and there was a chair left for me next to them. The seat happened to be right next to Jacques. The minute I walked in, I noticed I was sitting next to a really cute guy at the bar but thought nothing of it. Until I kept catching myself peeping over to see what he looked like, without making it too obvious I was interested. Because, well, I wanted to keep things ‘”cool”.

I did notice at one point that Jacques kept watching the TV to his left (I was sitting to his left, his friends to his right). The TV on the left had a golf tournament. Whereas the TV on the right, closer to his friends, was playing the Super Bowl Game. I later learned that he was subconsciously facing the left TV because he wanted a more of a natural chance for us to talk.

Around 30 minutes into being there, his friend, who happened to be working the bar, nudged Jacques to make conversation with my girlfriends and I. Jacques was too “hungover”, so he says! But I think maybe he was just nervous, which I think is so cute! Jacques’ friend then bought my friends and I a round of shots and told us they were from Jacques, without him knowing. Very smart move, honestly.

Upon taking the shots, we then start chatting, asking each other’s names, how long we’ve been in New York, etc. We had such an easy fun conversation. Then exchanged numbers. And I left the bar.

I remember getting into my uber home and being so excited that I met a “really cute” guy at the bar. I told my mom, sister, best friend how excited I was. Jacques claims that I texted him 30 min after leaving the bar, but I think I was cooler than that and texted him about an hour after leaving…..maybe. I made the move to text him first because I knew that I was interested in him and wanted to let him know that! The thought didn’t cross my mind that I would seem too desperate. I later learned that he screenshot my “first text” to him and showed it to his best friend to show off how there’s this girl he met at the bar that was super into him *insert eye roll here*. Jacques won’t let go of the fact that I texted him first. In his words I “chased” him. *insert another eye roll here*

After texting, Jacques asked me out on a date for the following week. But after talking to his best friend, Rodgrio, told him “you better ask her out this week man. You never know- what if she meets someone while you are away.” So, Jacques texted me and asked me out on our first date on Wednesday, 3 days after we met.

Our first date was at Employees Only, super romatic, speakeasy, dim lights and amazing cocktails. We chatted, laughed and had the best time. The night ended and he ordered me an Uber home.

Jacques was supposed to go to Puerto Rico for a friend’s birthday that Friday, but due to snowstorms, his flight got canceled. But because of the snowstorm, this allowed us to meet up on Friday for what was supposed to be a “coffee”. This coffee date ended up turning into the two of us exploring, walking around the whole city, eat ice cream, talked about what our dream home looked like. We ended the night at a wine bar. We haven’t shared our first kiss yet :)

The next day, he left for Puerto Rico to catch the end of the birthday celebrations with his friends. His friends all made fun of him (in a loving way) about the way he was acting as if he was in love and about how he felt about the girl he met at a bar.

When get came back, we made plans for another date on that Tuesday, Valentine’s day. Yes, our second date was on Valentine’s Day. We shared our first kiss that night and couldn’t imagine doing life without each other.

How They Asked

On November 9th, Jacques said we had to go to his company’s Holiday Party. The party was set to be at the Soho Grand Hotel.

We spent all morning relaxing at homemade breakfast and Jacques even went with me to the storage unit to pick up my winter coats.

Little did I know, my little sister, Shawna, had hopped on the plane from AZ to fly here to help with the set up/production team to get everything ready for the proposal. She arrived at 12 pm, Ubered to Soho Grand Hotel and checked into the Penthouse Suite.

Jacques had a team come together to help set up for the proposal and get everything organized for the night. Jacques’s hands were so unusually clammy all morning…now I know why!

I wasn’t sure what to wear to Jacques’s company party. In my head I figured after the party, we would meet up with some friends for drinks so I didn’t want to be too dressed up.

Jacques played cool but in actuality was frantically texting our friends on the side to make up a plan that we would meet up and do something fun! (He wanted to make sure I didn’t dress down because, well, he was going to propose to me tonight!!)

Upon arrival, we walked into the lobby and walked up to a girl, who helped usher us up to the penthouse for the “holiday party”.

She was readily standing in the lobby with an ipad with the invite on it- which was what I saw and pointed out to Jacques that that’s who we go up to check-in. She had a “guest list” and everything asked for Jacques’s name to make it seem really believable.

*In reality, of course, she knew who Jacques was because we were the only ones going up to the room for the proposal!

They gave us a key to the penthouse, which we took and used to get into the elevator to get up to the top floor.

We got out of the elevator and I was mentally preparing myself to be social with all of Jacques’s coworkers since I had not met them yet.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

But, right when we got to the door, I noticed how insanely quiet it was for a holiday party. Then I heard our favorite song we used to listen to all the time when we first met, playing softly in the background. Jacques looked at me, smiled and slowly opened the door…. And then I saw all the roses, the candles and heard our song playing softly in the background. I looked at him, standing there sweetly and smiling at me, and instantly tears ran down my cheeks and I started crying, then looked at him and squeezed him. We walked down the rose petal and candle patch and he proposed to me.

Out of nowhere, my little sister Shawna pops out from around the corner from where she was hiding and filming the whole time.

Our sweet friends all came to celebrate with us.

Proposal Ideas New York City

Charlene's Proposal in New York City

*Missing both our parents + my girlfriends because they live out of state and we would see them for Thanksgiving altogether in a couple of weeks!

It was the most perfect proposal and the night could not have been more amazing.

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