Charity and Caleb

how we met

Caleb and I met on March 13th, 2010. It was love at first sight. He proposed to me July 25th, 2010.

We broke up for reasons unknown in January 2012. Life took us in different directions and we both moved on. He got married in 2015, I got married in 2016.

We both married people so wrong for us It’s impossible to describe and we both ended our marriages before they really got started. After going through divorces, we never imagined going through, I knew that when God made our paths cross again, it was for forever.

Our pasts are complicated and the timing was crazy… but I firmly believe that God’s timing is always perfect.

Caleb and I both knew that when we got back together, we would get married this time. God wouldn’t have put us back together after all we had been through if it wasn’t for forever. We talked about marriage all the time and I frequently teased to Caleb about wanting an Epic proposal this time… (since we were getting a second chance at it all). We joked about some of the proposals we had seen online and how much planning some of the guys went to. I never in a million years would have expected Caleb to put as much into this has he did. This proposal was the most incredible and insanely beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

It Was Always Him.

how they asked

As a planner/coordinator for Love Birds Vintage, styled shoots are one of my favorites. They are pure chaos! I mean, you plan all the aspects of a full wedding to be set up and shot in about 3-4 hours… it’s madness!! (In the best way!) Organizing this shoot was no different.

Tiffani and Bridgette contacting me about needing to throw together a last minute styled shoot for a look book that The Farmhouse venue was putting together for their brides. They asked me for my input on color schemes and we got the ball rolling with designing vignettes. All pretty normal stuff, until the model “cancelled” last minute and I was asked to “stand in” as the bride and model.

Tiffani and I had so much fun going to Bella Bridesmaid and finding a dress for me to wear, we really bonded throughout the planning of this shoot. Then, the day before the shoot the male model couldn’t make it… so they asked me if I thought Caleb (my then, boyfriend) would stand in as the “Groom” and take pictures with me. Looking back…. I should have known then!!

July 10th, 2017. Started off like any other shoot day. We got to the venue around noon to set up. One by one the vendors showed up with furniture, a vintage truck, cake, paper, flowers, cameras, video cameras, DRONES… you name it, we had it all for this shoot. After the florals were dropped off, I helped Tiffani start putting the tables together and then abruptly was whisked away to start hair and makeup when the makeup artist got there.

Where to Propose in The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

Charity's Proposal in The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

Proposal Ideas The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

Let me tell you… having to back away and sit in a chair from 2 hours about KILLED ME!! I was so used to running crazy all day setting up and watching the shoot design come to life. Missing out on most of that while I was in hair and makeup was weird!!! After I finished, I popped outside a few times to check on things and try to help and was rushed back inside so I didn’t sweat off my makeup. (It didn’t seem odd since it was about 90 degrees)

Caleb got there about the time that I was finishing hair and makeup. He had several outfits to show me to see what I wanted him to wear…. they had him pick up a suit that the “male model” was supposed to wear. (Little did I know that it was his all along. Sneaky, sneaky!)

Charity and Caleb's Engagement in The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

The shoot started out kind of awkward. I am relatively comfortable in front of a camera…. Caleb, not so much. The first 20 minutes were hard with taking direction from the photographer and videographer and I honestly wasn’t sure Caleb would hang in for the whole thing! Haha!! We moved from one vignette to the next and I was starting to have a LOT of fun. I mean, look at these pictures. The design turned out INCREDIBLE!!!!

After about 30 minutes of shooting, maybe more, the videographer put a microphone on Caleb and we moved out toward this big tree on the property. I was told then I was going to be reading something. When we got situated where the photographer wanted us, we were placed back to back and Bridgette handed me a letter. She handed it to me upside down and told me that when I flipped it over… I needed to read it slowly. That letter y’all. That letter was the prettiest piece of hand calligraphy I had ever seen. That letter was also one of the sweetest things I had ever read, much less had to read out loud in front of a crowd! I tried to keep my composure as I made it through the letter. Until I made it to the last sentence. Marry Me.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Farmhouse, Montgomery, TX

I was in complete and utter shock. I turned around to find Caleb pulling a ring out of this pocket and getting down on one knee. Y’all, it still makes me cry and laugh. I didn’t even let him officially ask me out loud before I said, YES!!

Special Thanks

Katy Cox
 | Photographer
Love Birds Vintage
 | Planning
Reverent Wedding Films
 | Videographer