Charisse and Tommy

How we met: Tommy and I met in 2007 while in undergrad at The Ohio State University. We were neighbors in the same building. I remember the very first time I saw him. I was in the car with my roommates and he was walking across the parking lot and I can remember us all staring and saying “who is that?? He’s hot!” During college we dated casually, lost touch, but became reconnected in late 2011 and have been together ever since.

how they asked: A few weeks before the weekend of August 1st, Tommy had talked to me about going to Columbus, OH to attend our friend Ben’s work party. It was being held at a local brewery and he was able to get tickets for a few of us to attend. That evening we went to dinner with a few of our friends and I didn’t know this at the time, but apparently dinner went too quickly so he had to figure out a way to kill some time. After dinner, he suggested we drive around to look at neighborhoods, as we have plans to move back to Columbus. After circling around the same block (you’d think I would have been tipped off at that point), he decided we should take a walk through Goodale Park. We stopped at a Port-O-Potty so he could “use the restroom”, while I waited outside for him he apparently was texting our friend Ben. When he came out, we continued down the path until we reached the fountain/pond.

Image 1 of Charisse and Tommy

There, he got down on one knee and proposed; all the while our friend was hiding in the bushes photographing the whole thing!!

Image 2 of Charisse and Tommy

Afterwards, we went to the brewery where the work party was. It turns out for months Tommy had been planning to propose the weekend of the “blue moon” (he loves astronomy) and have a surprise engagement party that night at the brewery with everyone in on it accept me!

Image 3 of Charisse and Tommy

I couldn’t help but bawl as I saw a crowd of family and friends from all over the country and world complete with my dad from Florida, mom and siblings from New York and grandmother from South America!

Image 4 of Charisse and Tommy

Image 5 of Charisse and Tommy

I couldn’t believe the level of thoughtfulness and planning from my now fiancée! I cannot wait to marry this man!

Image 6 of Charisse and Tommy