Charisse and Garrett

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How We Met

Garrett and I met at work in the team member break room. We worked in different departments and happened to have a mutual friend, and one night on my break I saw that friend sitting at a table and went to sit with him. Garrett was also on his lunch break and was sitting with that friend, but he barely even acknowledged me when I sat down. His eyes were glued to the television! I tried telling jokes and laughing out loud to get his attention but he would not say a word to me. Then I remembered that my department was having a Potluck that day and I brought in homemade brownies… I knew just what to do! I offered him a brownie and he looked at me with his pretty hazel eyes and the biggest smile and said YES! I couldn’t keep him away after that ;) It’s true when they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

how they asked

Garrett and I are both extremely family-oriented, so naturally the holidays are total madness for us. We were both really stressed out about Christmas and whose house we were going to be at on which day and what time. Our families were pulling us in a thousand different directions and kept talking about family traditions. After finally getting everything worked out Garrett said to me, “Why don’t we start our own tradition and have a date on Christmas Eve?” I thought it was totally cute because Garrett never plans dates! So we brainstormed a couple of ideas and we decided to go to Julian and have a picnic.

On Christmas Eve morning he was acting strange and really antsy about everything! He was rushing me to get ready and even wore the sweater I bought him (he never likes the clothes I pick out for him). So we start the trek up the Palomar Mountains and he says, “You know what? Julian is kind of far and we need to make sure we’re back in time for church at 4pm. Let’s just pull over in one of these turnouts and have our picnic.” After driving for what felt like forever he finally found a spot that he liked and said, “Nobody’s here… PERFECT” I thought that was a little weird hahaha but I went with it. He jumped out of the car and was like, “Let’s take a Christmas Eve picture!” Mind you, Garrett HATES pictures. So he “set a timer” on his phone and we stood there waiting for the picture to take. Then he started kissing me and asked if I love him? I said yes… he asked are you sure?? Again I said yes… then he got down on his knee and asked! Of course I was crying and saying OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS. Turns out he wasn’t taking a picture, he was recording a video. It came out gorgeous! It couldn’t have been more perfect :)

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