Charbel and Maryam

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How We Met

Maryam and I were both studying at the University of Sydney. I knew who she was through mutual friends but never got the chance to get to know her. When I realized she was taking one of my subjects, I found out that she was allocated to the Friday class. I was enrolled in the Thursday class, and so before the semester started, I emailed the professor with an extravagant excuse as to why I couldn’t attend my class and needed to be switched to the class that Maryam was in. On the first day, I waited eagerly to see her. In classic Maryam fashion, she arrived an hour late. We spent the semester becoming friends and, eventually, even more.

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How They Asked

It was in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the government’s restrictions had thrown all of my original plans out the window. I sought assistance from some inside operators – Maryam’s friends – and began plotting. First, I set up a phony make-up and photo session, then I staged a pretend car breakdown and finally got her best friend to drag her across the city to “pick me up”. When she arrived and saw the amazing set up (full credit to MPC), she started crying, kept me waiting for about 20 minutes, and eventually said yes!

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Special Thanks

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