Chantelle and Aleks' Proposal in Beech Forest

Image 1 of Chantelle and Aleks' Proposal in Beech ForestAttending weddings was always a happy and emotional time for me, watching my loved ones and family tie the knot always made me dream about my special day. There was one time I was dreaming of this exact thing at a friends wedding, when my boyfriend, Aleks whispered in my ear: “I might have gone ring shopping”.

That simple sentence brought so much light and excitement in my life, I knew I loved him, I knew there was no one else and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. There was no second-guessing, no cold feet.

From that moment on my dreams became more vivid, I thought about the dress, where it would be, who my bridesmaids would be. It just became such an exciting thing to me. Between myself an Aleks, weddings were always an easy topic to talk about, there was so much agreement between us. We don’t want it traditional, we want it in the outdoors, we want fairy lights, photos, fun and memories.

There was one chilly afternoon spent at Aleks’s house when I had asked if I could borrow one of his jumpers. I opened his cupboard and to my surprise in the corner was a little jewellery bag and I knew it could only mean one thing. As much as I was tempted to open it and see what ring would permanently sit on my finger for the rest of my life, I held back. I knew it was wrong

From then on, my excitement grew bigger. I wanted to be engaged to him so badly. I spoke about it a lot, but I knew I should stop, because that would prolong the proposal even more.

On Tuesday the 24th of March my father turned 50, and after dinner he received a text from Aleks, asking “when is a good time to speak?”. I didn’t think much of it, only that he probably wanted to say Happy Birthday over the phone.

The next day, after my first exhausting day of work placement, I noticed Alek’s car parked in front of my house. I walked inside to see them both enjoying a drink together. This was out of the blue. We discussed our weekend plans, I was almost healed from a fractured foot and was itching to go on an outdoor adventure (our favourite thing to do). He told me he found a beautiful forest 3 hours away, he also told me to wear something pretty.

We woke up at 7 am on the day, the night before I hardly got any sleep. I had a feeling today was going to be the big day. We listened to an ‘old school’ 90’s play-list of music the whole way there. It was amazing.

When we finally got to the location I was in awe. There were pine trees shooting to the sky, and fields of lush green all around us. We went for a little walk around and found the perfect spot for a picnic. He packed all my favourites, he knows me so incredibly well.

After we were nice and full, we took our food back to the car and continued to explore. He was patient with me, I was wearing my healing boot and the floor was slippery. I was curious, I asked to hug him and draped my hands down his jacket and pant pockets – no box. We took a heap of photos, and that was when he pulled out his tripod.

Image 2 of Chantelle and Aleks' Proposal in Beech Forest

Together we took some photos. He set up his tripod on self timer, ran to me, smiled and repeated the process.

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He asked me to look at the photos, so I walked over and was happy with the outcome, they were beautiful pictures of us. I clicked the shutter button and tried my hardest to run/limp back in time for a photo – no chance. So he went back, clicked the shutter button, ran to me…

Image 4 of Chantelle and Aleks' Proposal in Beech Forest

Got down on one knee…
And asked “will you marry me?”
Just in time for the photo.

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It was the most special moment in my life. He is the most special person in my life, and I cannot wait to keep telling him that every single day. I love him, I love us together. He is everything to me and I will do everything for him

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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Photos by Aleksandar Jason