Chantel and Shay

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How We Met

Shay and I met in seventh grade, he moved to my hometown that winter and I’ll never forget seeing him in the lunch room that very first day we met!

how they asked

Shay surprised me with a trip to New York for New Year’s Eve, with no intentions of going to time square. He had made reservations at The Liberty House Restaurant! It was one of the coldest new year eve’s but we still went outside to see the fireworks, we went back inside to warm up for a little while. Then I asked Shay to step outside because I really wanted to get a few pictures of us with the skyline of NYC.

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We stepped outside and once we were out there he tricked me into looking towards the city while he got down on one knee. When I turned around I was completely caught off guard but absolutely thrilled. After eight amazing years together, Shay asked me to be his wife and of course, I said YES!!

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