Chantay and Spencer

How We Met

My now Fiancé, Spencer, and I have been together for almost 5 years strong. We met at your typical college bar in Tempe through my best friend of 15 years, Jenn. We were both finishing our last year at Arizona State University.

He is now a teacher of students with visual impairments and orientation and mobility specialist. A saint, I know..

We’ve traveled a bunch, bought a house together in Tempe, Arizona, and adopted a one-eyed husky pup! Never once have we even talked about getting married… Everyone would ask, “when are you getting married?” In my mind, I had no intentions planning a wedding right now, nor do I really want a long engagement.

how they asked

My best friend, Jenn, and I had planned an adventure to go to Greece and Italy for an epic girl’s trip! Jenn had told me her friend would be meeting us in Rome for the last few days of our trip in a small town I’ve never heard of. I left the reigns in her hands and didn’t really plan much. Little did I know, this is when her and Spencer starting plotting.

For 4 months, they both had kept this secret!! He reserved the ring, created a new email, made a new Airbnb account (because we share ours) and they changed each other’s names in their phone. Remember, I live with Spencer..

Note: Spencer picked out the most perfect ring I would have never picked out. He did it all by himself and now knows way more about diamonds than I do.

Flash forward to September 6th. Jenn and I have had the time of our lives eating, drinking, and laughing until we cried. I remember thinking on our flight from Bari to Rome “if this was the end of our trip, that would be okay.” This trip had been nothing short of amazing. We arrived to the Rome airport and she had mentioned her friend sent a car for us, which was so nice of her. The driver drove us from Rome to Castel Gondolfo (the most beautiful little Italian town!) We drove up to the apartment and walked up three flights of stairs with the host. You can see in the video there are roses everywhere. Our host had made something up and I didn’t think even twice about it.

Note: Spencer was actually the one who picked out the little town we stayed in.

I walked up to the third floor to a balcony with the most incredible view of Lake Albano and Spencer on his knee, in a somewhat of a cute, heart-shaped, circle of roses…What!??! I had so many questions, I didn’t even let him ask and I said yes after he stood up. Words couldn’t and still can’t describe how lucky. It was the best proposal I could ever dream of!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Castel Gondolfo, Italy

Note: The three of us then spent the last three days in Rome together sharing the same hotel room and had a freaking blast!

Note: I am now planning that wedding I had intentions of planning.

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